When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 286

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 286

Avery came out of her bedroom. Everyone looked at her at the same time. No one said anything. The atmosphere was extremely awkward.

“Did I cross a line just now?” Avery walked to the sofa and sat down. “I shouldn’t have said that about Shea.”

“No! It was that j**k Elliot who yelled at your first. The moment you said anything he asked you to shut up. I feel like you should have really given it to him! If I were you, I would have yelled him to d***h! Not only would I have called Shea an idiot, but I would have said that their entire family was a family of idiots!” said Mike, hoping to comfort her.

Avery was slightly stunned at Mike’s comments.

Laura also chimed in comfortingly, “Avery, you were angry. If he had any sense in him, he would know that you did not do it on purpose.“

“I don’t care what he thinks of me. I‘m afraid that Shea would be sad.” Avery lowered her gaze and sighed.

She did not care what Elliot thought. She was afraid that her words spoken out of spite would hurt Shea.

“Shea is not angry. She said that she is an idiot anyway,” Mike comforted her.

“And that is why I‘m feeling guilty.” Avery was antsy. She got up from the sofa and returned to her room once again.

Layla and Hayden saw how their mother blamed herself, and they felt terrible too. Tonight, Hayden finally understood how truly different shea was from them.

Although Shea looked like an adult woman, she did not have the intelligence of an ordinary person. If a young child were to be called an idiot, they would cry and resist the insult. Thus, it seemed pointless for him to be so hostile toward Shea.

Returning to their room, Layla took out her watercolor pens and started drawing.

Hayden went over to have a look.

“Hayden, can you give this to Shea tomorrow?” Layla drew a flower on a piece of white paper.

Hayden was reluctant, but he did not refuse Layla.

“I just feel sad for Shea!” Layla‘s eyes were red. She pouted. “Who would want to be an idiot? Only an idiot would not mind being an idiot.”

Hayden accepted her painting and placed it in his bag.

“Let‘s not bully Shea too much in the future, okay?” Layla took Hayden’s hand and said to him, “We can hate our dirtbag dad, we don‘t have to hate Shea.”

During recess the next day, Shea went to Hayden’s classroom as usual. Hayden turned around and handed her Layla’s painting.

Shea was delighted to be given the painting. It was as if last night‘s incident had no effect on her.

“I like it!” Shea hugged Hayden. Hayden was speechless. He had decided that he would not be so hostile toward her, but he still could not take her being so emotional!

Hayden pushed her away with all his might and quickly returned to the classroom. He closed the door.

Soon, Shea‘s nanny came over with a basket of fresh fruits and snacks. The nanny handed the basket to Hayden’s teacher.

“Shea got me to give this to Hayden,” the nanny said. She glanced at Hayden. Coincidentally, Hayden looked up too.

In that split second, the nanny seemed to have seen Elliot instead of Hayden.

The nanny returned to Shea‘s room. Shea was still admiring the painting.

“Shea.” The nanny sat down next to her. “Do you think that Hayden looks like your brother?”

Shea nodded. “I like Hayden.”

“What I mean is that Hayden might be your brother’s son.” There was no one in the room, which was why the nanny spoke freely. “If Hayden is truly your brother’s son, that means you’ re his aunt.”

“Aunt?” Shea furrowed her brows a little.


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