When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 288

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Avery continued to flip through the magazine. She did not react. Her magazine was suddenly taken away.

“Won‘t you feel uncomfortable staying here?” Tammy pulled her up from the sofa “How unlucky! Meeting annoying people while out shopping.”

Tammy intentionally said it out loud so Zoe could hear.

Avery said, “The shop is here, and anyone can enter.”

“Which is why I said we’re unlucky! I‘m not shopping here anymore! Let’s leave.” Tammy tugged Avery‘s hand. She wanted to pull her away.

Avery said, “Why are you such a coward?”

Tammy was stunned by this statement. Yes! Why was she being a coward? She was not afraid of Zoe, why did she have to leave?

Tammy randomly took a few pieces of clothing and headed to the cashier, pulling Avery along.

“What‘s so great about swiping another person‘s card that you have to boast about it? It‘s like they’re not afraid to let people know that they rely on others.” Tammy mocked Zoe with a smile and said, “True power is the ability to spend one‘s own money!”

Although Tammy did not directly mention Zoe‘s name, Zoe smiled and turned around when she heard what Tammy had said.

“My, isn‘t it Miss Sanford?” Tammy pretended to be stunned and exaggerated her reaction,” Miss Sanford, you‘re here shopping? Why is your boyfriend not with you? I heard that you and your boyfriend have gotten closer recently. Could all of that have been a ruse? If not why, why did he only give you his card? Everyone has a card, Miss Sanford.”

Zoe’s expressions darkened to the shade of her black card. She knew that Tammy was the only daughter of the Lynchs, and they owned departmental stores all around the country. She was wealthy.

Zoe thought about Avery being the boss of the Tate Industries. She was wealthy too.

Although Elliot had given her a card to use as she pleases, without Elliot, her wealth could not match that of Avery’s or Tammy’s.

The staff started packing the clothes Tammy had placed on the counter.

“Miss, didn‘t you ask for triple XL? These sizes are not right,” said the staff member gently.

Tammy smiled calmly and said, “Pack these and everything else I looked at. It doesn’t matter if they are all the wrong sizes, I can always use them as rags.”

Zoe‘s face turned blue. Richard realized that Tammy was not a woman to be offended, so he pulled his daughter away.

Coming out of the shop, Zoe shrugged Richard’s hand away. “Dad! Why did you pull me away? I‘m not afraid of them! It’s so embarrassing this way!”

Richard said, “We’ve already paid. Why are we still staying there? What good could come out of you fighting them? If Elliot finds out about this, do you think he will like you? Men do not like feisty vixens.”

Zoe took a deep breath and suppressed her indignations.

In the shop, Avery placed the clothes whose sizes were not right back on the rack.

“Tammy, you were too reckless.”

Tammy harrumphed, “You need to be firm when you go up against b*tches like her. Did you hear how loud she was when she showed off her card? It was as if she was using a megaphone. She was clearly talking loudly for you to hear. You might be able to take it, but I can‘t!”

Tammy had seen too many b*tches like Zoe whose tactics were not great, so it was a piece of cake for Tammy to deal with people like them.

Coming out of the shop, they found a restaurant to have a meal.

“Elliot has been treating Zoe extremely well.” Tammy glanced at Avery, “Zoe‘s father has been back in the country for some time already. He wanted to invest in some businesses in the country. Elliot used his connections to introduce her to a few people.”

“Why are you telling me this?” After the argument with Elliot, Avery no longer contacted him.

She did not care about his relationship with Zoe.

“I just think that you don‘t really love him anymore, so I want to see your reaction when I bring up his name.”

“Even if I don’t love him, that doesn‘t mean I want to hear about him.” Avery picked up the glass of water and took a sip. “I want to see if you would be happy if I mentioned your ex in front of you.”


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