When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 29

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 29

Laura placed her hand on Avery’s shoulder and said, “You are his daughter, so he won’t hurt you. I was with him when he first started his company. When we were married, I didn’t ask for anything. I also invested a lot of money for his business. If he dares hurt you, I will never forgive him, even if I’m d**d.”



Avery took a cab to Sterling Group.

That was the first time she went to Elliot’s company.

The Sterling Group building towered high and was majestic.

She stepped out from the cab and headed towards the ground floor lobby.

“Miss, do you have an appointment?” asked the receptionist.

Avery replied, “No. Please contact Chelsea Tierney for me. Say that Avery Tate wants to meet her. She will see me when she hears my name.”

The receptionist stared at Avery for a while. She noticed that she dressed well, so she called the PR Department for her.

Soon, Chelsea came down.

She came out from an elevator and walked towards Avery. She glanced at her with a fierce gaze.

“Didn’t you just have an a******n? Don’t you need to lie in bed and rest?” mocked Chelsea.

Avery had a natural makeup look that day, so she looked alright. She said, “Chelsea, you go to great lengths for this, but does Elliot agree to marry you?”

Chelsea was not angry, instead, she smiled like a victor. She said, ” He won’t stay with you even if he won’t marry me. Avery, he just allowed you to have an a******n. That’s merciful enough for you. If I were him, I’m afraid I would k**l you.”

“Oh, it appears that you’re familiar with illegal deeds.”

“Do you think you can ruffle my feathers with that? You’re such a clown right now.” Chelsea smirked with her red lips, and insulted her. “Freaking loser!”

Avery was unbothered. She asked, “Chelsea, have you ever worn a puffy dress in front of Elliot?”

Chelsea arched her eyebrow and said, “So immature! I never wear puffy dresses! Why do you ask?”

“I finally figured out why Elliot doesn’t like you.” Avery smirked and got close to her ear. “Elliot likes the cute type. He likes women in puffy dresses.”

Chelsea laughed like she heard the funniest joke ever.

“I already slept with Elliot. You haven’t, right? He likes women in puffy dresses, and he also likes women in a hime haircut. Oh yeah, the dresses better be pink. If you dress that way, he’s bound to like you more,” said Avery.

Chelsea froze up.

She knew Elliot for more than ten years, but Elliot was never physically affectionate with her.

However, Avery knew him for less than three months. Chelsea could not believe that they slept together.

Chelsea had to believe what Avery was talking about.

“Why are you telling me this? Why would you help me?!” questioned Chelsea.

“Because I want a divorce with Elliot. He’s d**d to me. I just want my freedom back. Is that a good enough reason?”

Avery had a cold gleam in her eyes.

Pink puffy dresses and a hime haircut, those were the distinct features of that woman in Elliot’s laptop.

If Chelsea dressed like that in front of Elliot, she knew that he would go mad.

Perhaps, he would choke Chelsea to d***h.


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