When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 290

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 290

Avery looked at the photo. Without knowing it, she fell into a daze. How could she not feel anything when it came to him?

Her heart hurt a little would she give him her blessing? No.

“Avery, what are you daydreaming about? Your children are bullying me! Come and help me!” Mike walked over to the sofa and pulled Avery up, placing himself behind her.

Avery immediately snapped back to reality. She looked normal.

“Hayden, about changing schools after the New Year’s. Have you thought about it?”

This question instantly subdued the atmosphere in the living room.

“Mommy, are you letting Hayden go to the same preschool as me?” Layla asked excitedly.

“Hayden is not going to preschool; he is going to elementary school,” Avery said. Hayden nodded.

Although his relationship with Shea was not as bad as it was before, Shea was one of Elliot’s people, and he did not like Elliot one bit. So, only by leaving Angela Special Needs Academy and Shea would he stay out of trouble.

“Woo, woo! I‘m as big as Hayden. Why does he get to go to elementary school while I‘m still stuck in preschool? I want to go to elementary school too!” Layla grumbled while tugging on Avery‘s hand.

Laura came over and picked Layla up. “Layla, even if you want to go to elementary school, you have to wait for Hayden to get used to it before going. Okay?”

“Oh. Okay then!”

Avery smiled and said, “Layla, there‘s an entrance exam for the elementary school. Let‘s see whether Hayden can pass it or not.”

Layla was in a daze. “Uh, that sounds hard. I think I‘ll stick to preschool!”

It started snowing heavily at eleven that night.

When Avery opened the window of her bathroom, she caught a glimpse of the view.

Coming out of her bathroom, she opened the c******s of her room. Looking at the snow coming down, she felt calm.

She thought about her past to a time before she had broken up with Elliot. She remembered the things they had gone through. The passing of the seasons was a cycle of life and d***h.

For a person who was alive, what mattered the most was life and d***h. The others were unimportant

Avery took a deep breath. If it snowed through the night, she could build a snowman with her children tomorrow. They would be delighted.

with this sense of peace in her, Avery got in bed, switched off the lights, and went to sleep.

Elliot exited the study of his mansion and returned to his bedroom.

Elliot just came out from his study and returned to his bedroom. Just when he was about to close his c******s, he noticed the snow outside his window.

He blinked for a while. His hands hesitated for a bit too.

He suddenly thought back to the winter five years ago. Avery had knitted a sweater for him. It was a thick sweater. He never liked sweaters.

However, when he had received the sweater, he had immediately put it on. He still remembered how his heart had thrummed with joy when he wore the sweater she had made.

He walked over to his closet and opened it. In it, that ordinary–looking sweater was still hanging there. It stood out against all the other branded shirts and suits.

After their breakup, he had never worn it again.

He did not know why, but he took the sweater out and put it over his head. The sweater was warm, but his heart was cold.

That day, Zoe had asked him. She wanted to go shopping with him. He accompanied her. When they passed by a jewelry shop, she was attracted by the pieces of jewelry there. She picked a very cheap ring. Elliot said nothing but paid the bill. It was as if he had given her the ring.

He was still not in love with her, but she was quiet. She never disturbed him. If he had to find a woman to settle down with, he could bear living with a woman like her.

In the coming spring, if she could cure Shea, he was going to marry her.


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