When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 291

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 291

A package was delivered to Starry River Villa the next morning. Laura accepted the package and placed it on the table.

The kids saw the thick pile of snow outside, so they eagerly put on their coats and ran out.

Laura left the main door open, so she could keep an eye on them. Cold air gushed in, causing the temperature to drop by a fair amount.

Avery came out of her room in her pajamas. It was so cold in the living area that she returned to her room to grab her coat.

“Avery, there’s a package for you on the table!” Laura‘s head popped out from the kitchen.

“Oh, I didn‘t buy anything!” Avery walked to the table and picked up the package. She was stumped. “What is it?”

“The thing in the package seemed very soft, like a sweater or some sort,” Laura said.

Avery took a pair of scissors and opened the package. Sure enough, it was a sweater.

The moment she saw the sweater, she instantly recognized it as the one she had given Elliot. His return of the sweater signified the end of their relationship. He was cutting all ties to her.

Avery wanted to throw the sweater into the bin, but she thought back to the amount of effort she had placed into making the sweater, and she could not bear to throw it away.

When punishing others, one should be careful to not punish oneself.

Avery picked up the sweater, and Elliot‘s scent instantly flooded her. She furrowed her brows, taking the sweater to the laundry.

When Laura saw Avery carrying the sweater, she immediately understood what had happened.

“Avery, you should give it away.”

“No, I put a lot of effort into making it. I‘m going to wear it.” She could not bear to throw it away or donate it. The sweater was as good as new. Elliot must have worn it only a couple of times.

Laura sighed. “Avery, why don‘t you go and see the kids. They are building a snowman.”

“Hmm.” Avery placed the sweater into the washing machine before heading outside.

The moment she appeared Layla immediately tugged on her hand.

“Mommy, help Hayden with the snowman! I‘ll go look for Grandma to get some carrots for the snowman‘s nose!” Layla said excitedly and ran into the villa.

Avery looked at Hayden’s small red hands. “Are you cold?”

“No ” Hayden grabbed Avery‘s hands. His hands were hot.

“What do you want for your New Year‘s gift?” Avery smiled and asked.

“A computer,” Hayden answered without thinking.

Avery furrowed her brows, slightly troubled. “I will return your computer to you, but you can’ t use it to do bad things.”

“Hmm!” he hummed.

In the afternoon, Mike found Avery and said to her, “I asked Chad to come here and hang out with me for the New Year‘s. I‘m sure you‘re alright with that, right?”

Avery was stumped. Could he not just go out on a date instead? Was the luxurious hotel not enough for them?

“Let me buy you an apartment! There are so many offers on the market. Let‘s go. We‘ll go look at houses right now!” Avery pulled Mike along, intending to take him out.

“I want to stay with you! What if I fall sick? If I‘m with you, at least you can take care of me when I fall sick. If I were to stay alone, no one would know if I died.”

After falling ill, Mike no longer liked staying alone.

“Have you confirmed your relationship with Chad?” Avery‘s mind was a mess.

Mike had an incredulous look. “What are you thinking? Chad and I are just purely friends!”

“But you two have done it with each other.”

“Stop bringing up the past! He says that he is a good cook, so I got him to cook a meal for me, ” Mike explained. “You just tell him that you don‘t know how to cook and we‘ll let him do it.”

Avery reluctantly agreed.

Soon, it was New Year‘s Eve.

Laura made a feast. Avery placed three tripods and cameras around the dining table. She wanted to record the first festive meal they had after returning to the county.

After setting the cameras up, her phone on the dining table rang.

“Mommy! Your phone!” Layla picked up Avery‘s phone and rushed to Avery’s side excitedly, passing it to her.


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