When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 292

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 292

Avery took her phone from Layla She saw that it was from Wesley. She immediately answered it.

“Avery, happy new year!” Wesley‘s delighted voice carne through.

Avery chuckled. “Wesley, happy new year‘s eve! I‘ll save the new year greeting for tomorrow.”

“Hahaha! Have you all had your dinner? I initially wanted to call you later, but the hospital just passed on a piece of good news to me, so I can‘t wait to tell you about it,” Wesley paused for a while before saying, “Eric can sit up! He is slowly gaining consciousness!”

Avery said, “That’s amazing!”

“Avery, he and his family wanted to thank you. They said that they want to visit you after the New Year’s,” Wesley said.

“There’s no need to trouble them. I’ll go see him after the New Year‘s. Right now, all he needs to focus on is his rehab. The others are unimportant.”

“How is it unimportant? They want to pay for his medical expenses. They asked me what would be an appropriate amount. I told him to discuss the matter with you.”

Avery was silent for a while. “I was just helping Professor Hough complete his unfinished work. If they want to pay for his medical expenses, tell them to pay it to Professor Hough’s family at the rate they had previously agreed upon.”

Wesley said, “I knew you wouldn‘t want it.”

“Professor Hough left too suddenly.” Avery’s voice suddenly turned glum. “I find it hard to accept it even now. He had saved so many people, yet in the end, he left us so early.”

“Perhaps God saw how tired Professor Hough was, so He let him rest early. Avery, let’s think of the good times. Don’t be too sad.” Wesley changed the topic. ” When are you free? I’ll visit you.”

“I should be the one visiting you,” Avery said. “I‘ll take my kids along too.”

“Okay! I‘m free after the second day of New Year‘s. You can come any time.”


After hanging up, Avery carried Layla back to the dining table and sat down. Laura passed her a bowl of ravioli.

“Mom, your ravioli sure is huge today.” Avery looked at the ravioli in her bowl, smiled, and said, “Did you give me the ravioli with the coin?”

Laura merely smiled.

Avery carefully put the ravioli in her mouth and gently bit down. She bit into something hard. Taking out the coin, she said with a grin, “I knew that you love me the most! I will be very lucky in the coming year!”

Mike sneered and placed a ravioli in his mouth too. Then, he took out a coin from his mouth.

“Laura placed coins in all the ravioli. I saw her do it.”

Avery said, “Mom, it won’t come true that way.”

“Why not? I hope that every one of you has good luck!” Laura retorted.

“Then, if there was only one ravioli with the coin, who would you give it to?” Avery was deliberately making things difficult for her mother.

Laura looked at how childish Avery was being. She gave in. “Of course, it would be you! Once you‘re lucky, you can take good care of Layla, Hayden, and Mike.”

Avery was pleased with the answer. After the pleasant meal, Avery got her mother to rest.

Mike stayed in the kitchen and helped Avery with the dishes.

Soon, it was the third day of New Year‘s.

Laura returned to her old home early in the morning. Not long after Laura left, Avery took her two children and left.

Chad would be having Mike over that day, so she chose that day for her visit with Wesley.

“Avery, let‘s go skiing!” Wesley suggested. “They made a snow palace over there. It‘s gorgeous. I‘ll take a photo of you three.”

“Okay!” Avery agreed when she saw how excited her children were.

At the same moment, in the back of the black Rolls–Roice, Shea was looking out at the snow in excitement.

Elliot had booked the snow palace for the day so that Shea could play. Shea liked to play, but she was afraid of crowded places. So every time Elliot took her out, he would reserve the place beforehand. Zoe was with them today. This time, it was Elliot who had asked her out.

Elliot rarely looked at Zoe, but even so, he realized that she was much weaker than before. He did not know whether she had found him exhausting or whether Shea’s treatment had taken a lot out of her.

Soon, Shea would undergo her second surgery. He hoped that Zoe would be able to stay in good shape.


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