When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 293

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 293

There was a large crowd at the ski area.

“Where is the snow palace?” Avery asked Wesley. There were too many people there. She was afraid for her children‘s safety, so she wanted to head to the snow palace to have a look.

“Behind the ski area,” Wesley pointed her in the direction of the palace.

One of the tourists overheard their conversation and said kindly, “Are you heading to the snow palace? It’s not open to the public today. I heard that someone has booked it for the day..”

“The huge snow palace has been booked?” Wesley was a little surprised.

“Yes! D***h to the rich! Why did they have to book it during the New Year‘s! How terrible! The ski area is filled with people today because the snow palace has been booked,” the tourist said angrily.

Wesley said to Avery awkwardly, “Why don‘t we head over and have a look. I can try talking to the person who booked the area.”

The trip would have been in vain if they did not at least try. The journey had taken close to two hours, but the children had been in good spirits throughout the journey. If they could not enter the palace, they would be extremely disappointed.

Avery nodded. She smiled and tried to smoothen the situation, “It‘s fine if we can‘t go. We can see it from the outside! The surrounding scenery is gorgeous too! We can just take photos around us.”

Wesley nodded. “Avery, I‘m sorry! I should have checked online before coming.”

“It has nothing to do with you. We can still come here again next time.”


At the snow palace, Shea was happily wandering around the dreamy castle made of ice and snow.

Elliot held the camera, capturing her smiles. Zoe stood by the side, watching this warm and sweet scene.

“Elliot, let me take a photo of the two of you!” Zoe offered. Elliot passed the camera to her and walked toward Shea.

Wesley, Avery, and the kids stood outside the gates of the snow palace. Just when Wesley was about to talk to the bodyguards guarding the snow palace, Avery pulled him back.

“Wesley, we can‘t go in!” Avery’s expressions suddenly turned cold. She had recognized Elliot‘ s bodyguard.

The person that booked the snow palace was Elliot. He was never into funfairs, so did he book it for Zoe or Shea?

Pulling Wesley along, Avery turned around. Right at that moment, while the bodyguards were distracted by Avery and Wesley, Layla, pulling Hayden, dashed past the gates.

“Mommy! We’re inside!” Layla said excitedly.

Avery was speechless. The bodyguards were baffled too.

Those two brats! How dare they!

Just when the bodyguards were about to catch the two children, Avery immediately ran after them.

“Don’t hurt my kids! I‘ll take them out right now!”

The two bodyguards saw Avery and Wesley entering. They were even more baffled.

One of the bodyguards came to his senses. “It’s fine. That‘s Miss Tate. Mr. Foster won’t blame us.”

“But they are divorced!”

“They are divorced but that doesn‘t mean they are enemies. Also, Miss Shea seems to be close to that boy.”

“Oh, I heard that the boy is Mr. Foster‘s son. Say, why do you think he won‘t acknowledge his son?”

“Who did you hear it from?”

“… I came to that conclusion myself. Don‘t you think that boy looks like Mr. Foster?”

“Mind your own business.”

Layla and Hayden ran deeper into the snow palace.

“Mommy, let me and Hayden play here for a while! If they can‘t catch us, we can play here for a while… ouch!”

Layla was running so quickly that she had accidentally bumped into a large figure!


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