When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 294

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 294

Elliot lowered his gaze and saw Layla’s face scrunched up in pain.

His heart skipped a beat!

Layla could not have come alone! Did that mean… Avery was here as well? He looked behind Layla and only saw Hayden quickly running over and pulling Layla into his arms. He looked at her clutching her face. He immediately took her hand away and checked if she was injured.

“Hayden, I’m fine. I bumped into someone, and my nose hurts a little.” Layla‘s eyes were red. She looked pitiful.

Hayden held her hand tightly and looked up to face Elliot‘s cold face. An inexplicable hostility sprang up between father and son.

At that moment, Shea saw Hayden and Layla. She was delighted and surprised!

“Hayden! Layla!” Shea quickly walked toward them. Hayden noticed and immediately pulled Layla to him. He turned and left.

Layla kept looking back, reluctant to leave the beautiful ice kingdom. When her gaze finally fell on Elliot, she stuck her tongue out at him.

Elliot ignored Layla‘s provocation. He immediately pulled Shea back, not letting her go after them.

Avery and Wesley arrived not too far from the scene. When they saw Hayden and Layla, Avery sighed in relief. At the same time, she said sternly, “Layla, how could you be so reckless!”

Layla reached out and rubbed her eyes. She said, aggrieved, “Mommy, it‘s pretty in here. I wanted to come and play!”

“Not today! I‘ll take you here another time!” Avery picked her daughter up. From the corner of her eye, she saw Elliot and his two women. She had never thought that he would bring them here together. How harmonious!

Sure enough, if one waited long enough, one would get what they wanted. Zoe was amazing.

When Elliot noticed Avery, his gaze quickly landed on Wesley, who was next to her. Although Wesley looked ordinary, he seemed like a nice guy. They did not look like a good match, but if he was Avery’s choice, Elliot could only respect that.

“Shea, let’s go somewhere else to play, okay?” Elliot said to Shea.

Shea nodded distractedly. She did not understand why Hayden had ignored her. Previously, in school, she was rather close to him.

Elliot held Shea’s hand. When he walked past Avery, he stopped and said, “We‘re leaving. You guys go play!”

If it were not for her children wanting to play, Avery would not have accepted his charity.

After they had left, Layla pulled Hayden along and started running around.

Wesley saw how cold Avery’s expression was. He tried to comfort her, “Avery, don‘t let him affect your mood. He is quite generous. I guess they must have arrived not too long ago.”

“Yes! If we did not enter, they would not have left,” Avery laughed self–deprecatingly. “He is great, giving it up for us.”

“The reason you are so angry at him, could it possibly be because you still care for him?” Wesley’s tone was relaxed, teasing.

Avery realized she had lost her composure. She instantly blushed. “Wesley, don‘t play jokes like this on me in the future. He is extremely happy. He has the people he loves around him now. My appearance only ruined his mood.”

“Hahaha! Don‘t look down! Let‘s go find the kids, in case they run too far away!”

“You go ahead and look for them. I’ll go let the staff know they can open up the snow palace,” Avery said and strode out to the entrance.

She was not in the habit of reserving the entire area to herself.

She stopped by the entrance of the ticketing booth and explained the situation to the staff.” But Mr. Foster has reserved it for the day,” said a member of the staff.

“Donate the extra money you get from the tickets to charity.”

The staff member replied, “Let me consult my manager.”