When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 295

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Avery nodded.

just as she was about to re enter the snow palace, she saw Zoe, who was not far away, go limp. She was about to fall.

Elliot reacted quickly and picked her in his arms!

When Avery saw this scene, her eyes fluttered. The air seemed to have frozen. Time seemed to have stopped.

“Dr. Sanford, are you alright?” Elliot lifted Zoe. His eyes were filled with worry.

Zoe saw how worried he looked. She smiled gently and said, “Elliot, I‘m sorry! I was so excited about going out with you today that I couldn‘t sleep last night. I felt a little dizzy just now. I’m fine.”

Elliot sighed in relief. Nothing could happen to Zoe! He still needed her to treat Shea!

“Let‘s go home!” Elliot carried Zoe and headed to the parking lot.

After the staff member consulted his manager, he said to Avery, “Miss, my boss has agreed to your solution, but we need you to give us your contact details. This is in case Mr. Foster asks us about the matter at a later time, then we have an explanation for him.”

Avery came to her senses. The staff member passed her a notebook and pen. “Miss, please write down your name and your contact number.”

Avery had not heard what he had previously said, but she stiffly wrote down her contact details.

Laura was at the Jensens. She had brought some expensive gifts with her and gave them to her younger relatives.

Everyone was extremely friendly and passionate toward her. Even her sister–in–law, who used to be hostile toward her, not only served her tea but also fruits and desserts.

“Laura, why didn‘t you bring Avery along with you?”

Laura accepted the cup of tea. “She went to visit a friend.”

“Oh, get her to come when she is free! We all miss her very much!”

“Hmm! I will tell her that, but she doesn‘t listen to me much anymore. After all, she has her own opinions. Also, she‘s quite busy with her company,” Laura said politely.

“Yes! Who would have thought that she could revitalize Tate Industries! How impressive!” Laura’s sister-in-law said. She looked at her own son. “Laura, our Brent has just finished graduate school last year. He has been looking for jobs, but it was always either the play was too low or the job was not suited to him. Do you think you could talk to Avery and see if she could get Brent a job in the finance department of Tate Industries?”

Laura refused without thinking, “Avery is still fighting a legal battle with the previous finance director. I can‘t interfere with the finance department.”

Laura’s sister-in-law’s expression immediately changed. “You are her mother. How could she not listen to you? You just don‘t want to help us, right?”

Laura placed her teacup down. “Say all you want. I won’t do something that will make things difficult for Avery.” Laura stood up.

“Laura, don‘t be angry! I‘ll take you to visit mom‘s grave!” Laura‘s brother saw what happened and immediately took Laura out.

At five in the afternoon, Laura had just finished dinner and left the Jensens. She walked to the side of the road to hail a taxi.

In a moment, a taxi pulled up in front of her. Once she got in the car, the taxi drove onto the highway.

A driver in a black Sentana downed a bottle of wine. He was tailing her. Downing his wine, he floored the car, chasing after the taxi.

At five thirty in the afternoon, an accident caused by a driver driving under influence happened on Creek‘s Road!

Once the traffic police arrived at the scene, they picked up the phone of the deceased and dialed her family.


When Avery saw that it was her mother calling, she smiled and picked up the call. “Mom, we‘ll be returning soon!”

“Hello, this is the Captain of the Second Squad talking. A serious accident happened on Creek’s Road, causing the d***h of a woman. I am contacting you with her phone. Are you a member of her family? If you are, please come here quickly!”


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