When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 296

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Avery immediately slammed on the emergency brakes, stopping her car by the road.

An accident? D***h?

An explosion went off in her brain, then tears quickly fell!

“Mommy, why did you suddenly stop the car?” Layla exclaimed.

Hayden got nervous too. “Mommy, why are you crying?”

“Mommy, what happened to you? Don‘t cry!” Layla said and started to choke up. She started to cry too.

Avery heard her children‘s voices and suddenly drew a sharp breath.

She wiped the tears off her face with both hands and said hoarsely, “I‘ll send you two home. Wait for me there. I have something I need to handle.”

The car was once again on the road.

Layla and Hayden were still quite worried.

“Mommy, what happened? Why are you so sad?”

Avery took a deep breath and lied, “Something… happened to Mommy‘s friend. When you go home, behave. I might be back late. If Uncle Mike is not home, I‘ll call him to come to take care of you two.”

“Oh, Mommy! Don‘t cry! Your friend will get better!” Layla said caringly.

“Mommy, don‘t cry,” Hayden comforted awkwardly.

Avery responded hoarsely.

The car arrived at Starry River Villa. Mike and Chad were having dinner at home.

Avery opened the door, let the children in, and left without entering.

When Mike came out of the dining hall, she had left with her car.

“Layla! Where is your mother going? Why did she not even come in?” Mike asked in confusion.

“Mommy said that something has happened to one of her friends. She was crying terribly,” Layla said heartbrokenly. She speculated, “Could it be Aunt Tammy? I really liked Aunt Tammy…”

Mike ruffled her head. He turned around and picked up his phone from the table and dialed Avery.

No one picked up.

After hanging up, he called once again. Still, no one picked up.

Avery did not have many friends besides Tammy.

Could something really have happened to Tammy? Mike found Tammy’s number and called her.

Soon, the call was answered. Tammy‘s confused voice came through, “Did you have the wrong number? Or is there a party?”

Clearly, Tammy was fine. If something were to happen to her, she would not have been thinking of parties.

“I‘m sorry, I misdialed.” Mike hung up. His expression was grim. He dialed Avery once more.

This time, she finally picked up.

“Avery Tate! What the h**l are you doing? Why are you not picking up my calls! If you still had not answered, I would have gone looking for you!” Mike said with his hand on his waist. He took his phone and went out to get some cold air.

“Who‘s in trouble? I called Tammy and she seems fine.”

Avery took a deep breath and sobbed. “My mom. Mike. Please help me look after the kids for a while.”

“What happened to Laura!” Mike‘s chest felt tight.

The call was dropped.

Mike held his phone and furrowed his brows. Chad came out from the living room. He asked, ” What‘s going on? What happened?”

“Something happened to Avery‘s mom. I think it‘s serious. She‘s crying hard! I b****y want to look for her, but she‘s asking me to look after the kids at home!” Mike swore in a low voice.

Chad‘s expression turned grim. “I‘ll go check out what happened to her mother. You take care of the kids at home!”

When Avery rushed to the scene of the accident, it was already dark.


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