When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 297

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 297

Under the street lights, Avery saw her mother‘s b****y face. She raised her trembling fingers and placed them under her mother’s nose.

A breeze blew by. Avery wailed, “Mom, I know you‘re not d**d! You promised to be with me for the rest of my life! I‘m going to send you to the hospital now! Don’t be afraid! I’ll be with you! I’ll always be with you!”

When Chad found out about Laura’s accident, he hesitated for a while before calling Elliot.

He would not have disturbed Elliot except he wanted to know that Avery at least had someone by her side.

“Mr. Foster, Avery‘s mother, met an accident this evening. She died on the spot. Avery still can ‘t accept this news. She sent her mother to the hospital. Mike is taking care of the kids at home. She‘ll be alone dealing with her mother‘s funeral. I feel it would be hard on her. Do you want to–”

“Which hospital?” Elliot swallowed. His voice sounded stern yet nervous. “Which hospital is she at right now?!”

His terrifying expression and voice frightened Shea so much that she cowered in fear.

Zoe had never seen Elliot that way before. It was as if all the care and heartbreak he had kept in his heart had surfaced. Zoe did not know who was on the other end of the line, but she knew that his heartbroken and worried for Avery.

They had barely spent half an hour at the snow palace because Avery and her children had wanted to play. He had left the place in a heartbeat for them.

In his heart, Avery was more important to him than Shea was. If Shea was not mentally challenged, he would place Avery before shea.

After Elliot finished his call, he walked out. Zoe panicked and chased after him. “Elliot, what happened? What‘s going on?”

He heard her voice, but he ignored her. He did not even stop. Zoe only heard the sound of her heart breaking into pieces.

Recently, Elliot had been good to her. She had thought that he had come to accept her, and they would soon get married and be happily in love.

However, all it took was one phone call for their relationship to return to square one.

At the hospital, Avery had sent her mother to the emergency room. She cleaned her mother‘s wounds, dressing them, and stopping the bleeding. She had sown the opened wound stitch by stitch.

Under the lights, her mother‘s skin turned paler by the moment. Her body temperature was dropping

Her hopes were all gone!

“Mom… I’m sorry! Mom! I should have followed you to Uncle Ron‘s! I should not have left you alone! I’m sorry! It‘s all my fault! It‘s all my fault!” Avery lay on the operation table, hugging her mother’s cold body, sobbing in tears.

Elliot rushed to the hospital. He looked cold and unapproachable Chad saw him and immediately went up to him.

“Mr. Foster, the perpetrator was driving under the influence of alcohol. He did not d*e but suffered serious injuries. At that moment, we can‘t be sure if it was purely an accident or m****r.” Chad reported what he had found to Elliot.

“Where‘s Avery?”

“She‘s in the operation theater.” Chad paused for a while before saying, “She wanted to save her mother, but her mother has passed away. I‘m worried that she can‘t take the blow, and this might cause her psychological trauma.”

Elliot‘s eyes reddened. He clenched his fists tightly. It was as if a huge hand was choking his neck. He hoped badly that he could bear her pain for her.

In a moment, he was outside the operation theater. He could vaguely hear her sobs. He was heartbroken. It was as if someone had stabbed him with a knife.

He held onto the handles of the door to the operation theater.

Just when he was about to push the door open and enter, his phone rang!

“Elliot, where are you right now!?” On the other end of the line, Rosalie‘s anxious voice came through. “Zoe passed out! She is pregnant with your child! Your child is almost five months old!”

Avery’s suppressed sobs were mixed with his mother‘s agitated voice.

Elliot’s face turned miserably pale!

Zoe was pregnant? Pregnant with his child?!


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