When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 298

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 298

Elliot has only slept with Zoe once, yet she got pregnant from that time?

He released the handles to the door of the operation theater.

Chad noticed the changes in his expression. His heart was beating wildly. What happened? Why was he not entering to see Avery?

“Chad, stay here,” Elliot said bitterly, “I have to go back.”

Chad nodded. He dared not ask any questions. After Elliot left, Chad pushed the door to the operation theater open and took a glance inside.

Avery had taken her jacket off and placed it over Laura. She sat listlessly next to Laura. Avery grabbed Laura‘s hand tightly, crying, and muttering something.

Chad’s eyes reddened upon seeing this. He closed the door. He took his phone out, found Wesley’s contact, and called him.

Once he notified Wesley, he left the hospital and drove back to Starry River Villa. He could do nothing for Avery at the hospital, so he thought he might swap places with Mike. He would take care of her two kids while Mike went to take care of Avery.

When Chad returned to the villa, the two children were already asleep. Chad updated Mike about the situation before Mike rushed out with reddened eyes.

Instantly, the villa was silent. Chad entered the children‘s room. The two of them were quietly asleep in bed. They had a long day out, so they slept soundly.

A warm night light was placed next to the bed. Chad wanted to have a good look at the children ‘s faces, so he turned the lights brighter. Instantly, it was bright as day.

Layla looked very much like Avery. She was pretty and adorable. Even in sleep, she looked extremely lovely.

As for Hayden, without his cap, he was not that icy and aloof. When he was sound asleep, he looked more like how a kid his age should.

Chad dimmed the lights and turned to see a long children‘s study desk. On it was stationery, books, and a laptop.

The laptop should be Hayden‘s.

From what Chad had seen of him, Hayden was not a problematic child. He was a genius. He should not be sent to a school for children with special needs, but to a special school for gifted children.

It was a pity that Avery only thought of him as an ordinary boy.


When Mike arrived at the hospital, Laura had already been sent to the morgue. Wesley was sitting next to Avery on one of the long benches that lined the hospital corridors. Nurses and other family members rushed by them from time to time, bringing in the freezing wind with them.

“Avery!” Mike was extremely heartbroken to see Avery that way. She looked so empty.

Upon hearing Mike’s voice, Avery lifted her head.

“Why are you here? What about the kids?” She sounded hoarse. Her eyes were extremely red and puffy too.

Avery stood up from the bench.

Mike strode over to her and hugged her. “Avery, don‘t be afraid! You still have me! I will always be with you—”

Avery‘s head hurt. She shoved Mike away and yelled, “I‘m asking you where are the kids? Didn’t I ask you to watch over them?”

“The kids are asleep, don‘t worry. Chad is looking after them. He is the one who suggested that I be here with you. I want to be with you, so I came.” Mike grabbed Avery‘s hands.

He was shocked by how cold her hands felt.


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