When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 300

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 300

Mike and the children were at Starry River Villa having breakfast when he told them about Laura’s d***h.

“I know that you are very sad, and I’m very sad too. But, your Grandma is gone. I hope that you can be strong for Mommy because she is extremely sad right now. If you are sad too, your Mommy will be even more in pain.”

Mike took each child in one arm and hugged them and kissed them on the head.

Layla did not take the news well. She was sobbing, and her lips were quivering. She said weakly, “I want Grandma… I want to look for Grandma…”

Hayden’s eyes were wet too, but he was much stronger. Not only did he not cry, but he even hugged Layla. “Layla, don‘t cry. I‘ll be with you.”

“I don’t want to be apart from Grandma. Without Grandma, what would happen to us?” Layla felt as if the sky had been ripped apart. Laura had been the one to send her to school, made delicious food for her, and who had taken her out to play.

“Layla, don’t be afraid. Without Grandma, we can still live well. When your Mommy comes back, we will not cry in front of her, okay?” Mike said. “I take you out to play, and we’ll have good food in the future.”

“I want my Grandma… Where do d**d people go when they d*e? I want to go get her…” Layla rubbed her eyes. Her tears drenched her hands.

Mike saw how sad Layla was. He decided to tell her the truth. It was much better to rip the band -aid off in one go.

“Once a person dies, that‘s it. Your Grandma will not come back. She has vanished from our lives and this earth.”

Layla hugged Hayden and sobbed louder when she heard what Mike said. Mike clutched his forehead with both hands. After a while, he called Wesley.

“Mike, how are the kids?” Wesley had barely asked the question when he heard Layla’s sobs.

Mike replied, “Not good. You know how close they were to Laura. How’s Avery?”

Wesley looked at Avery and said, “We are at the graveyard right now. Laura has been buried. But Avery did not sleep the entire night. I‘m afraid she can‘t take it.”

The moment Wesley said that he saw Avery go limp and fall to the ground.

“Avery!” Wesley exclaimed. He could not hang up the phone in time. He immediately rushed over and picked her up.

An hour later, Mike and the children rushed into the hospital.

“Don’t worry. Avery is fine. She has passed out from grief,” Wesley said. “She did not sleep the entire night, let her rest for now.”

Mike said, “Wesley, you should get some rest. I can take care of things here.”

Wesley shook his head. “I’m not tired.”

The two children stood by the bed and looked at Avery. Grandma has left. Would their Mommy be fine? If their Mommy left, what would happen to them?

Elliot was sitting in the captain’s office of the police station. He was listening to the captain break down the accident.

“At this time, the accident appears to have been caused by a drunk driver. The driver‘s family is poor. I don’t think he is able to pay any form of compensation to Miss Tate.”

Compensation? Avery did not care about money at all.

“The perp is a gambler. Did you ignore this fact?” said Elliot coldly. “He is currently one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in debt. His wife and kids have left him, and creditors have abducted his parents. They were only recently released.”

The captain was stunned. He said, “Elliot, the incident took place last night and already you have gathered this much information.”

Elliot replied, “The deceased is my mother-in-law. I cannot let her d*e in vain.”

The captain nodded. “Are you trying to say that this might be m****r?”

“Isn’t it obvious,” said Elliot. “Someone paid the driver to m****r her.”

The captain furrowed his brows. “Luckily, the perpetrator is not d**d. Once he has recovered, we will question him.”

“I’m only afraid that someone might do him in.”


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