When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 302

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 302

At seven thirty in the morning, the black Rolls-Roice slowly pulled into the courtyard.

Mrs. Cooper had not slept the entire night. When she saw Elliot returning, she immediately walked to the door. She had told Shea the truth the previous night, and Shea had become rather agitated. She blamed herself for that.

Words spoken could not be taken back.

Elliot entered with a gust of chilly wind.

“Master Elliot, I have done a terrible thing. Please punish me.” Mrs. Cooper followed Elliot.

Elliot froze. He looked at Mrs. Cooper with red eyes.

“I told Shea last night about how Dr. Sanford threatened you, and she is now refusing treatment.” Mrs. Cooper lowered her head. “It‘s my fault! I shouldn‘t have told her that!”

“Why did you tell her then?” Elliot raised his eyebrows. He looked gloomy.

“She said that she hoped you and Avery could be together, so I couldn‘t resist telling her the truth,” Mrs. Cooper said hoarsely, “Fire me! I‘m too old and clumsy. I‘m no longer fit to serve you.”

Elliot’s gaze shifted away from Mrs. Cooper. He sounded exhausted. “Go and rest. Don’t tell her about complicated matters in the future.”

Mrs. Cooper nodded, but she dared not say anything else.

After lunch, Elliot took Shea out for a walk. It was still cold outside. When the wind blew, it pierced through skin.

“Shea, are you cold?” Elliot held her hand tight.

Shea shook her head. “Big Brother, I‘m not getting better anymore.”

“No,” Elliot said without giving it a moment‘s thought. “Avery and I got a divorce because we don’t like each other anymore. Even if Dr. Sanford and I are no longer together, I won’t go back to Avery. You don’t have to worry about us.”

Shea tried hard to process Elliot’s words.

“I hope that you can feel more joy and love in the future,” Elliot said gently.

Shea was silent for a while. Then, she suddenly said, “You’re not happy, Avery is not happy either. Only I‘m happy every day. If I don‘t get better, I‘ll be happy every day. So, I don’t want to get better,” Shea said with determination.

Elliot looked at her and said bitterly, “You don’t know how you could be after you get better. How do you know you won’t be happy after you get better? And even if you don’t get treated, 1 won’t break up with Zoe because she is pregnant with my child.”

“Am I going to be an aunt?” Shea asked naturally.

Elliot’s heart tightened. He looked at Shea with a complicated gaze. “Shea, who told you about this?”

Shea pulled her hand out of Elliot’s and turned around. Whenever she was unwilling to answer a question, she would avoid it this way.

Elliot walked over to her and grabbed her shoulders. He lowered his gaze and looked at her.” Tell me.”

“Mrs. Scarlet said that your children have to call me aunt.” Shea looked up and said, “Big Brother, am I Hayden‘s aunt?”

Mrs. Scarlet was Shea‘s nanny at school.

Elliot suddenly stiffened upon hearing Shea‘s question.

“What do you think?” When he said that, he thought about the answer Avery had previously given him. Avery had said that she had adopted Hayden.

“I hope that he is your child, that way, Hayden has to call me aunt.” Shea sounded a little emotional. “If you have a child with Dr. Sanford, they won’t like you anymore.”

“I don’t need them to like me. I only need you to be healthy.” Elliot‘s gaze turned cold. His heart was even colder.

It was the eighth day after New Year’s, and it was the first day back at work Mike could not go to the office. He had to care for the children at home.

Avery had not set foot out of Laura’s room. She had been in there for four days. She had been rewatching the video they had taken on New Year’s.

She would never have dreamed that that would be the last video that she would have of her mother.

Mike and the children were having breakfast. He planned to take them out to play that day. If they passed by his office, he would bring them into the office to have a look.

Suddenly, the door to Laura’s room opened.