When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 304

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 304

Avery’s grip on her coffee cup tighter.

She was not interested in Wanda talking about Elliot.

“Your brother is in prison. How could he have hired a k****r?” She looked at Wanda and said,” You did it, right?“?

Wanda maintained her smile. “Avery, you should not resort to slander! In Aryadelle, m****r is a crime punishable by d***h! Even hiring a k****r is too! This was what you told me previously. How could I have done such a thing?”

It was as if she was saying, “I‘m not an idiot! Even if I did it, I will never admit it.”

The coffee sloshed inside the cup as Avery tightened her grip around the cup.

“Do you know why I asked to meet you?” Avery released the coffee cup.

Wanda glanced at Avery coldly. “Avery, your mother is d**d. It‘s useless to pester me about it. I said I didn‘t do it, which means I didn‘t do it. Even if you k**l me, I didn‘t–”

Avery got up from the chair. She swallowed her bitterness. “Of course, as long as you won‘t admit it, it wasn‘t you who did it.”

Then, Avery quickly walked over to Wanda. When Wanda realized what she was about to do, she quickly exclaimed, “Help!”

When Mike reached the cafe, he saw Avery grabbing Wanda by her hair and smashing her head against the wall.

There was fresh red blood on the wall!

Blood flowed from Wanda‘s pretty face!

“S**t!” Mike swore and quickly ran over. “Avery! Let go! You‘re going to k**l her!”

Mike tried to stop the fight. He pushed the staff who were trying to stop the fight away. Their efforts had been in vain anyway.

He hugged Avery, trying to pull her away, yet she kept holding onto Wanda‘s hair, not letting her go!

“She k****d my mother! I am going to get my revenge!” Avery yelled hysterically. “Let me go! I‘m going to k**l her!”

“Are you nuts?! You still have two kids! Are you planning to make them orphans!” Mike yelled loudly, “Avery, wake up! Don‘t ruin your life for some evil person! Your mother will not rest in peace if she sees you like this!”

A member of the staff rushed over with a pair of scissors. She used it to chop off Wanda’s hair. It was the only way to tear them apart.

Avery looked at the hair in her hands. She disgustedly threw it at Wanda‘s face!

“Wanda, I will never let you go!” Avery could not calm down. She was still looking at Wanda viciously. “You either hire a m******r to k**l me, or I‘ll make sure you d*e!”

Mike had never seen such a vicious Avery. She might look weak, but she was extremely strong.

Two members of the staff sent Wanda to the hospital. Only then, did Mike dare release Avery.

Mike took his wallet out and said to the cafe owner. “I‘m sorry. Please calculate the loss. I‘ll pay you double!”

The owner accepted the card and reminded him, “If that lady makes a police report, this lady will be arrested.”

Mike immediately said to the owner, “I‘ll pay your triple. When the police come to investigate, just say that I was the one who beat her up.”

Avery pulled Mike to the side. “I‘ll bear the consequences of my actions! Didn‘t I ask you to look after the kids? Why are you here?”

“Tammy came over. I got her to look after the kids.” Mike went over to Avery and sighed.” Thank goodness I sensed that something was off with you and followed you. If I didn‘t, the next time I see would be in prison.”

Mike was in the police station at two in the afternoon.

“Officer, I was the one that beat the woman up. Arrest me! It has nothing to do with Avery!” Mike said loudly, confessing to the crimes.

Avery was touched by his loyalty, but the situation did not call for it.

“Mike, I’m going to count to three. If you don’t leave, I won’t talk to you anymore,” Avery said coldly, sitting in the chair.


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