When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 306

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 306

“I’ll settle this myself,” Elliot said to the captain.

Then he grabbed Avery’s slender wrist and said, “I’m taking her with me.”

The captain simply nodded.

Once they were out of the station, Avery shook off Elliot’s slightly cold hand.

Elliot raised his brows as he stared at Avery’s defensive posture.

“Your mother wouldn’t come back to life even if you did k**l Wanda, Avery. There are many ways to take revenge, yet you chose the most foolish one.”

“Who are you to judge me?”

Avery looked at Elliot’s familiar yet unrecognizable face and sneered.

“Are you judging me as the mighty President Elliot Foster, or because Wanda Tate is your future mother-in-law?!”

Every word she spoke was sharp and fractious.

An unreadable emotion flashed through Elliot’s eyes as he said, “Calm down, Avery.”

“I can’t calm down!” Avery lashed out, her voice breaking. “My mom’s lifeless face appears in front of me every time I close my eyes! What did she do wrong?! She never did anything wrong! How could someone k**l her?!”

She broke down into wailing sobs.

All of Elliot’s reason vanished the moment he saw her frail body crumple and an expression of agony twist her face.

He pulled her into his embrace and wrapped his arms tightly around her.

Avery snapped when she smelled Elliot’s unique musky scent.

Even if the scent of his cologne was unchanged, he was no longer the same Elliot Foster!

“Let me go!” she cried as she pushed against his muscular chest.

“I won’t!” Elliot held Avery in his arms. His voice was hoarse when he said, “Calling Wanda my future mother-in-law is utter bullsh*t! I’ve only ever had one mother-in-law, and she was your mother.”

Avery could not escape his hold and so decided to stop struggling altogether.

She numbly contemplated his seemingly profound statement. Looking up at him with tear filled eyes, she coldly asked, “Now that Zoe’s pregnant with your child, will you order your bodyguard to force her to get an a******n?”

Avery’s question made Elliot abruptly release his grip on her.

“Didn’t you hate children, Elliot? Then why can you accept Zoe’s child?” Avery demanded as she stood before him. “Did she force you to? Did you give in once again to save your dear Shea? Aren’t you always acting so high and mighty in front of me? You didn’t even bat an eyelid when you made me get an a******n… Do you find me easier to pick on?”

Elliot’s heart throbbed with pain, but his eyes were fixed calmly on Avery.

Her emotions were much stabler than they were before, but the words coming out of her mouth were growing harsher.

“Don’t mention my mother to me ever again. She never acknowledged you as her son,” Avery said as she stared at Elliot’s face. “Even though she’s d**d, it just feels misfortunate to have you talk about her.”

She watched as a dreadful expression appeared on Elliot’s face.

Not only did her heart not break for him, she actually found it gratifying.

Perhaps it was because she had finally given up on him.

Elliot could have a child with Zoe or recognize Laura’s k****r as his mother-in-law… As long as he did not appear in front of her, he could do whatever he wanted.

“Let’s go home, Avery!” Mike said as he drove the car out onto the road. He glanced at Avery and added, “You must be exhausted.”

“I’m not,” Avery answered in a clear, calm voice. “I don’t feel like going home.”

“Okay. Where do you want to go, then?”

As though she did not hear Mike’s voice, Avery looked out the window and uttered softly, “If I hadn’t insisted on coming back here, this wouldn’t have happened to Mom…”

Mike’s heart ached with concern as he saw Avery’s haggard face grow overcome by guilt.

Could she have some kind of stress-induced mental disorder?

Mike turned the car around at the next turning, then drove toward Elizabeth Hospital.

After hearing about Avery’s condition, Wesley felt worried but certain.

“She’s a strong woman. I know she can get through this.”

He prescribed some sleeping pills for Avery and handed them to Mike.

“What she needs now is rest. Let’s see if she improves after some time.”

A week later, Avery’s mental state appeared stable.

The children returned to school.


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