When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 307

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 307

After breakfast, Avery took the children to school.

Hayden was the one who had suggested going to the same preschool as Layla.

That way, Avery would not have to drive around picking them up and sending them off.

It felt like everything had remained the same after Laura’s d***h, but it also felt like everything had changed.

“Winter’s come and gone, Avery,” Mike said as he drove the car onto the main road. “Let’s move on from all this unhappiness! Every day from now on will be filled with good luck.”

Avery stared at him blankly.

“Can’t you speak like a normal person?”

Mike cleared his throat and said, “I know you’ll still be down for a while, but we should keep our eyes facing forward. There are many more beautiful things and people that await you in the future.”

“Keep your eyes on the road.”

“Okay,” Mike responded, then turned on some music.

After taking a moment to ponder his words, Avery suddenly said, “Thank you, Mike.”

“Hmm?” Mike said as he turned the music off.

“Thanks for helping me with the kids through all of this.”

“Why are you mentioning this all of a sudden? Your kids are my kids. Your mom’s gone, but, even if you were to leave, I would still raise the kids myself!” Mike said earnestly.

Avery shot him a meaningful look.

Mike coughed, then said, “You get what I mean.”

“I do.”

Over at the Foster Mansion, Rosalie had rushed over first thing in the morning in high spirits.

She was showing off a 4D ultrasound scan to the servants.

“Do you think this child looks like Elliot? He looks just like Elliot when he was a baby! Hahaha!

The servants nodded in agreement, and Rosalie burst into an even more effusive guffaw.

Elliot heard the racket from upstairs and took the stairs in long strides.

“Elliot! Take a look at your son!” Rosalie said as she ran toward Elliot with the ultrasound scan. “Zoe took this at the hospital yesterday. Look at how much he looks like you! The doctor said the child is perfectly healthy. There’s nothing to worry about!”

Elliot’s brows furrowed as he gazed at the wrinkly fetus in the image.

He did not see any resemblance to him at all.

If it were not for Shea, he never would have agreed to let Zoe keep this baby.

“What kind of reaction is that, Elliot? Zoe’s painstakingly carrying your child. Even if you don’ t care about her, how could you be so cold toward your own flesh and blood?” Rosalie said.

Then, she changed the subject and said, “I moved Zoe over to the old mansion last night. To me, she’s already my daughter-in-law!”

Elliot was not in the mood to argue with his mother, so he maintained his composure.

“You don’t need to inform me of anything regarding that child. So long as you’re happy.”

“What does that mean? This is your son!”

“Did any of you seek my approval before deciding to keep that child?” Elliot asked with a cold expression. “I have no intention of hurting anyone’s feelings, but that does not mean you can brazenly disregard my own.”

The ultrasound scan fell to the ground.

An hour later, Rosalie was taken away by the driver.

The mansion fell into pin-drop silence.

Elliot glanced at the time and noticed it was almost noon.

His phone suddenly began to ring.

It was the family doctor.

“Elliot! Have you heard about Eric Santos?! He got into an accident on a film set two years ago, which left him bedridden and unconscious. He’s somehow miraculously recovered now!”

Elliot’s chest tightened. There was a tremor in his voice as he asked, “Who cured him?! Do you know who his doctor is?!”


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