When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 309

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 309

When Wanda walked out of the courthouse, Avery blocked her path.

“You’re next,” Avery said.

Avery wore light makeup, ensuring that her smooth complexion looked good.

Beneath her calm veneer, however, lay a burning hatred that had never dampened.

“Bring it! Both my daughter and my brother are gone. You better watch out, Avery Tate!”

Wanda had suffered a concussion from the beating Avery had given her at the cafe, so she was filled with raging fury.

She would never have backed down if Elliot Foster had not stood up for Avery!

Avery got into the car with a bland expression and fastened her seat belt.

Mike opened a bottle of water and handed it to her, then said, “Elliot Foster’s looking into Eric Santos’s doctor. I’m guessing he’s planning on getting rid of Zoe Sanford. What a cruel man! She’s pregnant with his child!”

Avery took the bottle of water from him and took a sip.

The cool liquid made its way down her throat and into her body, bringing with it a welcomed sense of vigor.

“Let him be!”

A look of nonchalance flashed across her eyes.

She wanted to see what Elliot could manage to dig up!

Eric Santos and his family had promised her absolute secrecy.

The place where they were living now was also fairly secluded.

It was possible that Elliot had yet to find out where the family lived.

It was Rosalie’s birthday that weekend, and she was in an especially good mood because of Zoe’ s pregnancy.

All of the Foster family’s closest friends had been invited to the celebration.

Zoe had sent Elliot a text first thing in the morning to remind him of the party, but he had still barely made it to the banquet hall on time.

Once the host was done with the opening speech, he invited Rosalie to the stage.

Rosalie held Zoe’s hand in one of hers and clenched her other hand tightly around Elliot’s.

Once the trio was up on stage, the host handed the microphone over to Rosalie.

“Today is my birthday. In light of that, I would like to take this opportunity to announce some fantastic news!”

Rosalie reached out her wrinkled hand, caressed Zoe’s belly, then announced enthusiastically, “My grandson is five months old! He will be coming into the world soon!”

At first, the LED screen on the stage was broadcasting photos of Rosalie’s younger days.

Suddenly, it turned a blinding green!

The crowd was in an uproar!

“Apologies!” said the host as he tried to save the show. “Our technicians will fix this right away! Please don’t worry, everyone!”

The commotion died down, but Elliot could still hear the sound of his raging heartbeat!

The light from the screen had draped every member of the audience in a shroud of green.

As Elliot gazed at the green screen behind him, an ominous feeling rose within him.

For some reason, his first thought was not that the LED screen had malfunctioned. Instead, he thought of Hayden Tate’s aloof little face.

Just as Elliot was wondering if Hayden was behind the night’s fiasco, the green screen suddenly turned into the image of a vast meadow!

All kinds of green hats were floating above the meadow!

Elliot was at a loss for words.

“Look at all those green hats!” cried an innocent child in the audience.

“Who did this? Who’s being cheated on?”

The crowd broke into a frenzy of discussion.

Zoe’s expression was filled with inordinate dread.

She thought that nobody knew about the night she spent fooling around with Cole.

She did not expect to get a slap in the face!

Who was the one behind all of this?!