When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 310

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 310

Rosalie’s face was drenched in a green glow.

If Elliot had not been holding her up, she probably would have passed out from the shock.

The staff disconnected the LED screen’s power, and the disturbing green light vanished.

“What the h*ll is going on?!” Henry yelled. “Why did that mess show up on screen? How exactly do all of you do your jobs around here?!”

The manager rushed over to apologize.

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Foster. I asked the staff and was told that our computers had caught a virus. We have no idea how those images appeared on the LED screen.”

Henry glanced at his mother.

Rosalie had caught her breath.

“Hurry up and get a new computer. Don’t let anything like this happen again!” Henry ordered the manager.

The awkward atmosphere on stage did not dissipate with the manager’s departure.

Other than being a vibrant color, there was a deeper meaning to the color green.

For example, it symbolizes betrayal in a relationship.

Zoe felt the eyes of everyone in the room fall on her.

She explained through flushed cheeks, “I’ve never done anything to betray Elliot, Rosalie. The bodyguard can be my witness.”

“Are you saying that I’m the one who betrayed you?” Elliot asked.

Zoe shook her head, then said, “I don’t suspect you of anything, Elliot. I’m sure the stage technicians just messed up… Perhaps it wasn’t implying anything. Let’s not overthink it.”

Elliot’s thin lips parted slightly as he murmured, “Is that so? Let’s hope nobody’s trying to insinuate anything, then.”

“Zoe spends all of her days at home. How could she do anything to betray you?” Rosalie said.

She decided to calm things down for the sake of the child Zoe was carrying.

“I have a birthday wish, Elliot.”

Elliot’s temples began to ache.

The woman standing before him proclaimed herself to be the one who loved him most, but she was always forcing him to do things he hated in the name of that love.

“I’m a woman, too. I’ve also carried a child for nine months, so I know how tough it is. I hope you can treat the mother of your child better, even if it’s just a little bit… Can you promise me that, Elliot?”

Rosalie was forcing Elliot to make a stand in public.

If he were to refuse in front of all their friends and family, he would forever be seen as a heartless man!

“Since you love your unborn grandchild so much, you should wish for a longer life!” Elliot said, before storming off the stage.

The entire banquet hall froze in stunned silence as if someone had hit the pause button on time.

Suddenly, Cole stood up, raised his glass, and passionately said, “It’s my grandmother’s birthday today. I’d like to make a toast to Grandma’s long and prosperous life! Let’s drink the night away tonight!”

The atmosphere returned to normal after Cole’s toast.

Elliot walked outside and lit a cigarette.

Who was behind the green hats and meadow that had appeared on the screen?

Was it Hayden?

However, considering how much Hayden despised Elliot, he probably would not tell him if Zoe was cheating on him even if he knew.

After all, getting cheated on was not as horrific as being made a fool of for the rest of one’s life.

Besides, had Avery not confiscated Hayden’s laptop?

Who else could it be, if not Hayden?

Although he did not have a clue, tonight’s episode had made him wary.

Once Zoe gave birth to the child, he would insist on a paternity test right away.

With that thought, he felt he would not mind being cheated on if that turned out to be the case!

It would be a relief if the child Zoe was carrying was not his.

However, that steamy night five months ago still felt so real to him!