When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 312

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 312

Wesley’s question left Avery silent for a moment.

“Have you ever loved somebody, Wesley?” Avery asked quietly. “If you have, then you probably won’t have such a tough time understanding how I’m feeling.”

Wesley shook his head.

“You become possessive when you love someone. I want everything he owns, and I want to be the only one he sees. Most importantly, I want the relationship to have no reservations,” Avery said. Then she smiled and continued, “You’ve seen it yourself. He has Shea, and he’s willing to sell himself out for her treatment.”

“Before I knew about Shea’s mental disability, I saw her as a thorn in my side. After I discovered she wasn’t normal, the hostility I felt against her slowly began to fade away. Of course, I can carry out Shea’s second surgery, but I won’t do that.”

Wesley stared blankly at Avery.

“How do you think Elliot would react if he found out I could treat Shea?” Avery asked. She poured herself a glass of wine and continued, “How has he been treating Zoe? He’s so grateful to her that he’s willing to grant her every request… Wesley, I don’t want him thanking me for the sake of another woman.”

Avery let out a bitter laugh, then said, “I don’t care for that at all!”

Wesley took the bottle of wine away from Avery, then said, “I get it, Avery. If he can’t give you a perfect love, then you’d rather take nothing from him at all.”

“That’s not all. Not only is he unable to reciprocate my love, but he is also incapable of being a father to my children!”

Avery had only had one glass of wine, but her face had turned scarlet, and the tone of her voice was filled with hurt and loathing.

“He didn’t want our children! Why is he allowing Zoe to keep her baby? Why isn’t he forcing her to get an a******n? Huh?!”

Wesley poured Avery a glass of juice, then said, “Don’t get upset, Avery.”

“Don’t be mad, Mommy!” Layla pulled on Avery’s arm. “Hayden and I don’t need Dirtbag Dad! All we need is Mommy.”

Avery caressed her daughter’s head, then said with smiling eyes, “I’m not mad. I’m just thinking out loud to wake myself up.”

When Wesley asked if she wanted to tell Elliot the truth, Shea’s innocent eyes instantly popped into Avery’s mind.

She had felt her heart soften.

She had said everything out loud for Wesley to hear, but it was also for herself.

The worst thing that could happen from Zoe operating on Shea was that there would be no progress.

This was acceptable.

However, if Elliot ever found out that the person who operated on Shea was Avery, he would definitely end up being entangled with her again!

As if having Shea around was not bad enough, now there would be a pregnant Zoe to give Avery an even bigger headache!

How could she possibly tell Elliot the truth?

It was Monday at Starry River Kindergarten.

The school was located near the Starry River Villa.

Avery would send her children to school every morning.

If she could not make it back in time in the evenings, Hayden would take Layla home first.

The children were paying attention to the teacher’s lesson when a figure suddenly appeared at the classroom door.

Layla immediately recognized the person!

“Hayden! Shea’s here!” Layla cried out, then walked over to the classroom door with Hayden.

A wave of gloom washed over Shea’s face when she saw them.

“I have to go into surgery tomorrow. I’m scared,” she muttered softly in a voice filled with anxiety.

“Is Dr. Sanford going to operate on you?” Layle asked.

Shea nodded.

“Don’t let her touch your brain, Shea. You’re not that smart to begin with. What if she makes you even dumber?!” Layla said. “You should hide like you did last time. Don’t let anyone find you! That way, they can’t force you to get surgery!” Hayden glanced at his sister intently and said, “Stop meddling!”


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