When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 313

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 313

“Didn’t we agree to stop being upset with Shea?” Layla asked dejectedly.

Hayden took his sister’s hand and walked back into the classroom.

Shea’s surgery was going to happen no matter what.

Coming to see them in her nervousness and fear would not change a thing.

She should have gone to see Elliot Foster and seek his comfort.

Elliot received a call from Mrs. Scarlet at three in the afternoon.

“Shea’s missing again!” cried Mrs. Scarlet. “The bodyguard and I have been looking for her for over an hour. We’ve searched through the entire Starry River neighborhood and we still can ‘t find her!”

“Why did you go to Starry River?!” Elliot exclaimed as he picked up his keys and walked toward the front door.

“Shea’s been begging to see Hayden since she got to school this morning… She threw a tantrum when I told her she couldn’t. She refused to eat or drink anything. She never used to be like this. I had no other choice but to take her to see Hayden,” Mrs. Scarlet said as she sobbed pitifully.

Ever since she had regained her self-perception after the surgery, Shea had become a pain to look after!

“So you took her to see Hayden Tate?” Merely hearing the name felt like a stab to Elliot’s heart. “Did he hide her away again?”

“He didn’t! When I took Shea to see Hayden and Layla at school, they went back into the classroom after only exchanging a few words,” Mrs. Scarlet said truthfully. “Shea insisted on going to the neighborhood after we left the school, so I took her there… She just disappeared in the blink of an eye!”

Mrs. Scarlet was out of breath from all her sobbing.

Elliot frowned, then said, “Don’t cry. I’m on my way! She should still be in the neighborhood.”

Mrs. Scarlet sniffled and said, “Shea’s a good girl. She’s only hiding because she’s afraid of getting surgery.”

“I know,” Elliot said.

It took him a long time to coax Shea into going to bed last night.

He did not want her to suffer, but the surgery had to be done for the sake of her health.

He did not want her to be called an idiot ever again.

That evening, when Avery drove her car into the neighborhood, she noticed a group of police officers at the gates.

There was a long line of police tape around the area, and a mob of nosy onlookers had gathered.

Avery furrowed her brows tightly.

Had something bad happened?

She quickly parked the car, then hurried towards the house.

Please let the children be safe!

Avery opened the front door and saw her children playing in the living room.

The atmosphere inside the house was in stark contrast with the tense air outside.

“Well done, my babies! I’m glad you listened to me and didn’t join the crowd outside,” Avery said, as she gave the children a peck on the cheek each.

“There’s nothing to see, anyway,” Layla said with a calm expression. “Shea’s hiding. They’re looking for her.”

Avery’s mind was blown.

“Shea’s hiding in our neighborhood?!”

“Probably! I told her to hide, but I didn’t tell her to hide in our neighborhood…” Layla grumbled, pulling a long face. “What are we going to do if Dirtbag Dad shows up looking for her? I don’t want to see him.”

Avery’s face flushed.

“Did you hide her in the house again?!”

Hayden and Layla shook their heads.

“We didn’t. She went to hide. We don’t know where she is.”

Avery let out a heavy sigh and quickly composed herself.

“It’s fine as long as she’s not in our house. I’m going to make dinner now. Don’t go outside. If someone rings the doorbell—”

Before Avery could finish her sentence, the doorbell rang.