When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 314

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 314

Layla and Hayden rushed to the front door. They saw the man standing outside via the security system.

“Mommy! Dirtbag Dad is here!” Layla cried in a panicked yet excited voice as she ran towards her mother.

Avery put down her apron, then picked up her daughter.

“Don’t be scared, sweetie. Follow your brother to your room for now,” she said as she glanced at Hayden.

Hayden reluctantly walked over, then stayed in the bedroom with Layla.

Avery exited the children’s room, then strode past the living to the front door and opened it.

Elliot was standing right outside the door.

The glow from the sunset shone from behind him, enhancing his chiseled features.

“Shea’s missing. Her nanny said she lost her in your neighborhood,” Elliot said, explaining his intentions. “I’ve looked through all the houses around here and still can’t find her.”

“Are you saying you want to search my house?” Avery asked as she gazed at him coldly.

Elliot met her icy eyes, then said calmly, “I’m here to find someone, not to raid your home.”

“What happens if you don’t find her here?” Avery asked as she threw open her front door.

“What do you want?” Elliot said as he took a forceful step towards her.

The tense aura came at her like a scorching heatwave!

Avery took an abrupt step back, then quickly said, “If She isn’t here, then you have to swear to never step foot in my house ever again!”

Elliot frowned slightly, as if in deep thought.

When his lips parted a moment later, it was not to answer her question.

“Shea! Come out! Big Brother is here to take you home!” yelled Elliot into the empty living room.

If Shea were here, she would certainly come out one she heard his voice.

“Shea! Can you hear me? Big Brother is here to pick you up!” he called out once more when there was no response.

Avery heard the intimate way Elliot referred to himself as “Big Brother”.

It was as if he really was Shea’s brother!

Even if he was, he could not be her biological brother.

After all, there was no information about Shea in the Foster family records.

Besides, would a normal man treat someone who was not his biological sister better than he treated his wife?

“Stop shouting, Elliot. Shea isn’t here. Go ahead and search the rooms if you don’t believe me, “Avery said, then began to open up every room door in the house.

Elliot followed her closely.

Shea was not in the first or second rooms.

When they arrived at the third room, his eyes landed on the two children inside!

Hayden was holding Layla in his arms and glaring at him with eyes filled with resentment.

“Why do your children hate me so much, Avery?” Elliot asked Avery, confused. “Do you really not badmouth me in front of them?”

“They hate you because you have a vibe that children dislike. You’re not as important that I would need to discuss you in front of my children.”

Elliot was angered by her eloquent reply, but he held back when he thought of how he had forced her to get an a******n.

“You were losing your mind when Shea went missing last time! Why do you have the time to pick a fight with me this time?” Avery said mockingly. “Did you think some good samaritan will take her to the hospital again?”

Elliot accepted her ridicule, then explained patiently, “Her intellect was lower the last time she went missing. She’s much better now.”

“I see… What if she gets even better?” Avery asked nonchalantly. “Will you care about her more or less?”

“There’s no need to be spiteful, Avery,” Elliot said as he suppressed the emotions in his dark eyes. “She’s nothing but an idiot to you!”

It was as if Avery had struck a nerve in Elliot.

The expression on his face turned ominous and terrifying.

He did not continue his search, but walked away with clenched fists.

Once he was gone, Avery let out a heavy sigh and composed her emotions.

He could not find Shea, but why did he bring up the past?


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