When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 315

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 315

Was Elliot going to hold the things Avery said in a fit of rage against her for the rest of their lives?

After dinner, Avery dialed Mike’s number, then put her phone on speaker and began to clean the kitchen.

“I’ll be home late today, Avery!” Mike said in a stern and serious voice. “I’m not going to the bar tonight. It’s for work… It’s about the company! I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.”

“Okay. It’s nothing too serious, is it?” Avery said. “I’m not used to this sudden discipline in you.”

Mike chuckled and said, “I was just worried you think I’m out messing around. You don’t need to keep dinner for me.”


After Avery hung up the phone, she glanced around the empty house and could not help but think of her mother.

She refused to hire a nanny because she wanted to do all of the things Laura used to do.

She wanted to guess what her mother was thinking about when she did those things.

The more she thought about it, the more guilty she felt.

Laura always took care of her after Avery got pregnant.

After the children were born, Laura gave her all to help raise them.

She never lived a day of her life for herself.

Avery never thought that there was anything wrong with that kind of life.

It was not until Laura was gone that she realized she had put all of her energy in her work and the children.

“Mommy! Hayden’s picking on me!” Layla cried suddenly as she ran out of the room.

Avery quickly wiped the tears off her face and recovered her normal expression.

“What did he do??”

“He said I wasn’t doing my homework right, then said he’d rip my books apart if I didn’t do it properly!” Layla whimpered.

Avery took her daughter’s hand, then walked her to the bedroom and checked Layla’s homework.

It was no wonder Hayden was frowning in rage.

Layla’s homework was a mess.

“I’ll teach you, Layla. Let’s erase this line first,” Avery said patiently as she sat down at the desk next to Layla.

By the time she was done helping the children with their homework and getting them ready for bed, it was already ten at night.

Avery dragged her tired body back to her room.

Her mind was blank.

She felt like she had done a lot, but nothing at all at the same time.

Laura was the one who took over these errands for her before.

She owed a lot to her mother, and would have to wait until their next lifetimes to pay her back.

Avery walked into the closet, opened up her wardrobe and was about to pick out a pair of pajamas.

The moment she opened the wardrobe door, the body curled up inside almost fell right out!

Avery reached out and caught Shea on reflex before she fell to the ground!

What was Shea doing here?!

How long had she been hiding here?!

Avery had no time to think.

She laid Shea on the ground and checked on her condition.

Moments later, she called Wesley for help.

When Layla and Hayden woke up the next morning, they noticed that their mother was not at home and that she did not prepare breakfast for them.

Their preschool provided breakfast, but Hayden was not used to the food.

Which was why Avery would always make breakfast for them.

“Where did Mommy go, Hayden?” Layla asked with a confused expression on her face. “If Mommy isn’t home, does that mean we don’t have to go to school?”

Hayden took on the role of a big brother and said, “If Mommy’s not here, I’ll take you to school.”

“Can you tell me where Mommy went?” Layla asked with concern. “Mommy wouldn’t have thought we were dragging her behind and decided to run off by herself, right?”

Hayden tapped on a button on his smartwatch.

Moments later, the sound of Avery’s ringtone echoed from the master bedroom.

“She didn’t bring her phone. She must have left in a hurry,” Hayden concluded, then walked to Avery’s room and checked to see who the last person she called was.


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