When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 316

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 316

At the Foster mansion, Elliot did not get a wink of sleep all night.

Logically, Shea’s mental state was better than it was before.

She could even memorize Elliot’s phone number.

There was no reason for her to spend all night hiding outside by herself.

The night before, Elliot stationed some of his people at the Starry River neighborhood.

He had not received any news since, which means that there was still no trace of Shea.

The weather was warmer than it was during the new year, but she could still catch a cold if she was roaming around on the streets.

Where could Shea be hiding?

Did a good samaritan take her in?

Elliot blamed himself.

Shea had tried to run away before her first surgery.

Since her intellect had improved, Elliot thought that she would not be as afraid of the surgery.

He had explained to her again and again the reason behind the surgery, so he had thought that she understood him to some extent.

Who would have thought that she would still be so against it?

If he had known this would be the outcome, then perhaps he would not have been so insistent about the surgery.

However, he did not want her to be mentally disabled for her entire life!

What if he dies before her?

Who was going to care for her once he’s gone?

Elliot could not bear the thought of Shea being picked on.

The mere thought of it was unacceptable to him.

To Elliot, there were two types of people in this world.

The first was the average person, and the second was him and Shea.

Elliot drove over to the Starry River neighborhood and searched every corner once again.

Later, he visited the neighborhood’s surveillance center and checked the entry and exit records of every car.

At two in the afternoon, Elliot’s bloodshot eyes saw a familiar Rower leaving the underground garage in the surveillance footage.

He moved the mouse and paused the video.

“Isn’t that Avery’s car?” he mumbled to himself, then glanced at the time on the footage and added, “Where was she going at 10.30 p.m.?”

The people next to him did not know how to respond.

Was he not searching for Shea?

Why did he bring up Avery Tate?

Elliot pulled out his phone and dialed Avery’s number.

When Avery’s phone rang at the Starry River Villa, the two children immediately turned to look at the phone.

Since Avery was not at home, they did not go to school.

Hayden wanted to take Layla to school.

After all, he had an obligation as a big brother to be a good role model.

However, Layla had used the fact that Hayden also did not feel like going to school that day to change his mind.

In the end, Hayden went to the school that morning to inform his teachers that Layla was sick and that he had to stay home to take care of her.

The teachers suspected nothing and allowed them to take the day off.

Now, the fact that Avery’s phone was ringing overwhelmed the children.

“Isn’t that Dirtbag Dad’s name?”

There were not many words that Layla could read, but she remembered very clearly what the name “Elliot Foster” looked like.

“Why is he calling Mommy?” Hayden mumbled, then proceeded to reject the call.

“Don’t you want to know why he called Mommy? I do! Let’s answer if he calls again!” Layla said grumpily.

“Don’t be silly. He won’t speak if he doesn’t hear Mommy’s voice!” Hayden said, then blocked Elliot’s number to prevent him from calling again and disturbing the peace.

Over at the surveillance center, Elliot’s eyes were filled with bewilderment as he stared at his rejected call.

Even if they were divorced, did Avery have to go as far as not answering his calls?

His phone rang just as he was about to dial Avery’s number again.

It was Zoe, but the voice on the other end of the line belonged to a stranger.

“Hello, Mr. Foster. Doctor Sanford asked me to give you a call and inform you of the current situation,” said the woman. “Doctor Sanford is in the operating room right now with Shea. Don’t worry. The surgery should be done in about an hour.”