When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 317

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 317

Elliot jolted from his seat.

Shea was at the hospital?!

Who sent her there?

Why was he not informed before the surgery?

“Who sent Shea to the hospital? Which hospital is she at?!”

Elliot’s hand clenched tightly around his phone and he stormed out of the surveillance center.

“I’m sorry, I’m not too clear on the details myself. We are at Elizabeth Hospital,” the woman said, then hung up.

“Elizabeth Hospital!” thought Elliot in bewilderment.

It was Elizabeth Hospital again!

Zoe had planned to carry out Shea’s surgery at Central Hospital.

This meant that someone had told Zoe that Shea was at Elizabeth Hospital, and she had gone there.

Who was the one who sent Shea to Elizabeth Hospital?

Was it Avery?

However, Shea was not at her house when Elliot had gone there the last night.

Shea had a stubborn streak, but she was always well behaved in front of Elliot.

It was impossible that she would not react if she heard Elliot’s voice.

Elliot’s mind was a mess!

He decided to brush everything aside for now.

What was important was that Shea was safe.

Two hours later, Elliot finally saw Shea at Elizabeth Hospital after her surgery.

Her head was wrapped in a thick layer of bandages and her eyes were shut, as if asleep.

“How is she?” Elliot asked anxiously.

Zoe smiled and said, “She’s doing well. I spoke to her throughout the entire operation. She was very clear headed.”

Elliot felt relieved after seeing the smile on Zoe’s face, but there was still something fishy about the entire ordeal!

“Why didn’t you inform me before, Zoe?”

“I’m sorry! I was too busy at the time because we had to move a bunch of things over from Central Hospital. I didn’t think of calling you until I was already in the operating room!” Zoe said with an innocent expression on her face.

Elliot did not continue to pester her after seeing the blood stains on her surgical gown and gloves.

“Thank you, Zoe,” he said hoarsely.

“Don’t mention it! You’re my boyfriend. This is my duty,” Zoe said, then left to change.

Elliot walked to the hospital room’s door, and felt a peace of mind when he saw the bodyguard and Mrs. Scarlet inside the room.

He stepped aside and dialed Wesley’s number.

He had to find out the truth from Wesley!

Why was Shea sent to Elizabeth Hospital every time she was in trouble?

There was definitely something strange going on.

Wesley’s voice was calm and collected as he said, “How can I help you, Mr. Foster?”

“Mr Brooke, is your father the director at Elizabeth Hospital?”

“May I know why you’re suddenly asking me about this?”

“Could I see the surveillance footage from today, please? I want to know who sent Shea here,” Elliot said as he held back his emotions.

“You can go straight to the surveillance room for that. I’m technically just a simple doctor at Elizabeth Hospital,” Wesley responded.

“Noted,” Elliot said, then hung up the phone and made his way over to the surveillance room.

Out of the many surveillance screens, there were a few that were black.

“What’s going on with the black screens?” Elliot asked with a frown.

“Those ones malfunctioned last night. We’re still waiting for the repairmen to come and fix it! “answered one of the staff.

“Which cameras broke down?”

“The front entrance, the entrance to the wards and the south parking lot…” said the staff member.

The timing and locations of the broken down cameras were too coincidental!

Did they truly malfunction, or was something trying to hide something from him?

Avery’s face suddenly popped into Elliot’s head.

Where did she go when she left the underground garage at 10.30 p.m. the night before?

Elliot pulled out his phone and dialed Avery’s number.

“Sorry, the number you have dialed is unavailable. Please try again later.”

The bot’s monotonous voice made the coldness in Elliot’s eyes turn even more chilling.


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