When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 318

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 318

Elliot dialed Avery’s number once again, but was still met with the bot’s message.

He could not believe his ears!

How dare Avery not take his call?

Or was her phone turned off?

Elliot searched for Mike’s number in his contacts and called him.

They lived under the same room and worked in the same company, so they were practically together 24/7

Mike was confused when he received Elliot’s call.

Why was he calling him?

Were they that close?

Mike glanced at Avery who was lying on the large bed, and it suddenly dawned on him.

He answered the call, but before he could say a word, Elliot’s vicious voice came right at him.

“I’m looking for Avery!”

Mike was dumbfounded.

What was he being so aggressive about?!

“Avery’s asleep! What do you want with her?”

Mike watched Avery’s sleeping face and did not raise his voice at Elliot.

She had arrived three hours ago, but laid down and fell asleep without a word.

Mike was thinking of leaving, but decided to stay and wait for her when he noticed she did not bring a thing with her.

“Wake her up! I have something to talk to her about!”

Elliot’s tone was overbearingly domineering.

Shea went missing in the Starry River neighborhood last night, and Avery drove out in the middle of the night. Then, Shea ended up being sent to Elizabeth Hospital.

By some strange coincidence, several surveillance cameras in key locations at the hospital broke down the night before.

Elliot hated being dragged around in circles!

Was he being taken for a fool?

He was certain that Avery had something to do with this!

Mike could tell from Elliot’s tone that things were not as simple as they seemed.

He leaned down, then gently patted Avery’s back and said, “Wake up, Avery! Your ex husband’ s looking for you!”

Ex husband!

The title made Elliot frown!

He absolutely hated it!

Even so, Mike was always addressing him that way.

Avery did not move a muscle and did not react at all.

She must have stayed up all night to be this exhausted!

“Avery! Elliot Foster’s looking for you! Elliot Foster! If you don’t wake up now, that b*st*rd going to come here and get you!” Mike threatened into Avery’s ear in a raised voice.

Avery was successfully awakened.

She rubbed her tired eyes and glanced blankly at her surroundings.

“You said Elliot… Where is he?”

“Here!” Mike said as he handed the phone over to Avery. “He’s looking for a fight. Prepare yourself.”

Avery narrowed her eyes, then took the phone from Mike.

At the same time, she gestured at the bottle of water on the nightstand and said, “Give me some water. I’m thirsty.”

When Elliot heard Avery’s hoarse voice, he was even more certain!

She was definitely with Shea all night and did not get any sleep!

Otherwise, how could she still be in bed by now?

Mike opened up the bottle of water and handed it to Avery. Avery took a big gulp of water, then placed the phone by her ears and lazily said, “Hello?”


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