When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 362

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 362

He stood under the warm street lights. He was wearing a light brown trench coat. It was refreshing to see him in a new style, as he was usually seen dressed in darker colors.

The atmosphere in the yard shifted drastically with his appearance. Tammy gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. She looked like she was going to punch Elliot in the face.

It was clear that Jun had brought Elliot over.

Avery looked away hastily after spotting Elliot. Everything that happened the night before was still in her mind, but she knew that he would not do anything with so many people in her house.

Elliot had thought of himself as the one who owed Avery, but now Avery was the one who owed him. It was why he had dared show up at her house uninvited.

As the two men walked through the yard, Tammy reached out to pinch Jun on the arm.

Jun shrugged in resignation as if he was saying, ‘Not my fault! I didn’t bring him here!’

Tammy shoved him toward Avery so that he might explain and apologize to her.

Jun strode toward Avery with a flattering smile and looked at her nails. “Avery, um… Nice nails! Are they the same ones as Tammy’s?”

Next to them, Chad gave his seat to Elliot, who, at Jun’s compliment, looked over at Avery’s hands.

Under the yellow lights, her nails shone mysteriously like a cat’s eyes.

After easing the awkwardness, Jun leaned toward Avery and whispered, “I really didn’t bring him here. I just said that I was coming over, and he insists on tagging along-“

“I don’t blame you,” Avery said.

Relieved, Jun said, “I brought alcohol… They are at the back trunk; let me go get them.”

With that, he dragged Tammy along with him to get the bottles.

Mike felt irritated at the way Chad fawned over Elliot and blurted out while looking at Elliot,” Isn’t a certain someone acting too shameless? Who invited you?”

Elliot looked up calmly. “Have you mistaken yourself as the owner, despite you being the person who is living under someone else’s roof?”

Mike thought, “Under someone else’s roof?! This b*st*rd, Elliot, is saying that I’m staying under someone else’s roof! This might not be my home, but what does he know about my friendship with Avery? We are friends for life!”

Chad brought a chair over, positioned it next to Mike, and muttered, “Don’t be so petty. Avery hasn’t even said anything, so just shut up!”

“Avery! Chase this shameless b*st*rd out!” Mike commanded.

Instantly, everyone’s eyes were on Avery.

Under the pressure, she said, “You are not welcomed here.”

She did not wish to see him, and neither did her children. Ever since he had shown up, the children had stopped eating, and they sat with clenched fists.

After Avery had made her stance, everyone snapped their heads in Elliot’s direction.

If he still wished to preserve his pride, he would have stood and left, but he did not.

“I don’t need you to welcome me.” He sat on the chair, unmoving. “You can’t always get what you want in life, there’s always going to be things that you don’t want to do, but have to; and people whom you hate and have to face.”

Everyone was rendered silent, thinking, “Is he lecturing us?”

Mike was so annoyed that he was about to flip the barbeque rack.