When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 363

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 363

Chad took a skewer with cooked meat and shoved it into Mike’s mouth to make sure that he stayed quiet, before walking up to Tammy and Jun, who came back with a few bottles of wine.

“These are great vintages! Did you steal it from your dad’s wine cellar?”

“What do you mean, steal? How can you call it stealing if I’m taking something from my own house?” Jun opened the bottles with an opener.

Chad brought one of the bottles to Mike and poured a glass for Elliot as well.

Even Wesley, who could not quite drink, took a glass. “It’s a fun night, so I should drink a bit as well.”

“Are you in a good mood, Mr. Brook?” Tammy poured wine into his glass and looked over at Avery. “Avery, you want some?”

Avery shook her head. “I need to take care of the kids. You guys go ahead!”

“Alright! I will deal with this unwelcome guest of yours!” said Tammy, before sitting down next to Elliot. “Mr. Foster, why aren’t you staying with your fiancé at the hospital? You can’t possibly be thinking of dumping her now that she has had a m*********e, can you? You can’t be that much of a scumbag, can you? Are you only in a relationship with her so that she can bear you children?”

Everyone fell into silence at Tammy’s confrontational questions.

Tammy truly was brave, and Mike suddenly felt that he was nothing but a child compared to Tammy.

Elliot’s expression darkened.

“I suppose it makes sense. She has to be extremely fragile if she could lose the baby from such a small fall. If I were you, I would have dumped her as well!” Tammy continued making sarcastic remarks. “I think Ms. Sanford weighs about fifty kilograms right? Avery here is just forty-something, so I wonder how Avery had managed to shove her to the ground despite the weight difference. Do you not have surveillance cameras at your house? Let’s see the footage! If Avery truly is such a bad person, I will be the first to cut all ties with her.”

Jun could feel the storm brewing, and he set his glass down and covered Tammy’s mouth. Then, moved her away from Elliot.

Seeing how awkward the atmosphere was, Chad raised his glass and said, “Let’s not talk about such unpleasant things! Let’s drink! No one is going home sober!”

No one responded, and it felt even more awkward.

Just then, Wesley raised his glass to clink glasses with him.

“Who are you going to drink with? You don’t have the best alcohol tolerance,” teased Mike. “I can literally drink you under in half an hour.”

“Let’s time it then! You lose if you can’t bring me down in half an hour!”

“Alright! You are going to lose for sure!”

With that, the two began to drink.

Shortly after, Jun had appeased Tammy, and he went to apologize to Elliot while Tammy sat down next to Avery, helping her with the barbeque.

Twenty minutes later, Layla ran toward Elliot with a skewer of vegetables. She presented it to Elliot and said sweetly, “This is for you!”

Elliot glanced at the “vegetables” in her hand and thought to himself, “Does this kid think that I’m a blink or something? I just saw her pulling grass in the yard. How dare she try to feed me grass!”

“I don’t like vegetables, I only eat meat.” Elliot studied Layla’s face. She resemble Avery, and so he decided not to rat her out.

“Mommy says you shouldn’t be a picky eater! Hurry and eat it!” Layla insisted with a frown.

Naturally, Elliot was not going to accept it.

Just then, Hayden walked over and took Layla away. “That looks too much like grass. He is no fool,” said Hayden calmly.

Frustrated, she said, “So what should we do? I want him to have a stomach ache! I want his stomach to hurt so much that he feels like d***g!”


“Where can we find laxatives, Hayden? He says he likes meat, so let’s put some laxative on the meat and feed it to him!”


Elliot heard every single word they said and thought, “Avery is a pretty smart woman, how did she end up raising such foolish children?