When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 364

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Hayden turned around and glanced at Elliot. Coincidentally, Elliot happened to be looking at them.

The father and son stared daggers at one another.

Hayden glared at him and looked away. “Layla, he won’t eat anything we give him.”

“Sigh… Hayden, why do you think he is here?” Layla hated Elliot from the bottom of her heart, but she could not stop herself from sneaking glances at him.

“I don’t know. Are you done eating?”

Layla shook her head. “I’m waiting for Mom to bring the tomato sauce.”

Just then, Avery stepped out of the house with a bottle of ketchup in her hand.

Tammy went toward Avery and whispered, “Avery, you don’t have laxatives in your house, do you?”

Avery shook her head. “Why?”

Tammy told her everything that had happened earlier. “I came so close to laughing myself to d***h. You should have seen the look on Elliot’s face, hahaha! He wanted to explode but couldn‘t… Our Layla is so cute! After all, who would have the heart to be angry with her?”

Avery was speechless.

It was no wonder Layla had quickly polished off the sauce and asked her to get more. It was so she could get Avery out of the way.

Avery set the meat skewers before her two children and said, “I made these for you. Eat up, and go in once you are done.”

“Oh. Mom, come back inside with us,” Layla said.

“Sure,” Avery said.

After a while, the children had eaten their fill and dragged Avery back into the house with them. Once they were inside, they remained on the first floor, playing, instead of heading up. The others could see them.

After half an hour, Avery took them up for a bath.

Meanwhile, the drinking contest between Mike and Chad ended with Mike’s defeat. He had failed to bring Chad down in the span of half an hour.

He had not expected Chad’s alcohol tolerance to improve to this extent.

After losing, everyone shouted for Mike to perform.

Elliot watched them with a lack of interest and set his glass down. He got up.

Tammy had been keeping an eye on him, and she nudged Jun when she saw Elliot rise from his seat.

Taking the hint, Jun hurried over and asked, “Elliot, are you heading back?”

Elliot pointed at the mansion. “I’m going to the bathroom.”

“Oh… Alright then!” Jun chuckled awkwardly and went back to Tammy. “Tammy, stop staring at him. He is going to the bathroom; it’s not like I can follow him, right?”

Tammy snorted and complained, “It’s all your fault! Why did you tell him that you are coming to Avery’s? Isn’t that like inviting the wolf into someone’s house?”

“You know that I can’t lie to him… Besides, I asked him for a favor today, and he treated me with kindness. How can I lie to him?” Jun explained. “You usually don’t call me along when you guys hang out, why did you invite me today?”

“I won’t invite you along next time!”

“Don’t be like that! Elliot wouldn’t follow every single time. I’m guessing he feels depressed and can’t quite deal with it himself, so—”

“So he came to pick a fight with Avery, right?”

“He hasn’t done anything so far, did he?” Jun defended Elliot and said, “He’s only drunk, and he did have some meat when he got here—”

“Yeah, and now that he has drunk and eaten, he is going to go looking for trouble,” said Tammy. “He is not going to the bathroom. He is going to look for Avery!”

Meanwhile, Avery had bathed the children and tucked them in. She was now in her own room. She was exhausted, and at that moment, a figure appeared before her.

Startled, she said, “You—”

Elliot strode toward her and shut the door, locking it from inside.

“Your house isn’t soundproof, so you can scream all you want if you want others here to watch. “He cornered and threatened her, looking at her face with bloodshot eyes.

Avery flushed. She had let her guard now. He could not be here only for dinner. “Aren’t you tired, Elliot?!” she hissed.