When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 365

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 365

“Are you?” He grabbed her slim wrist and pulled her toward the bed. “You have to be in a good mood to ask your friends over for a barbeque. Are you tired because I am here?”

His fingers began working on the buttons of her jacket.

She grabbed his hand and said, “Elliot! Don’t do this in my house!”

“Why not?” He did not give her a chance to answer and said sternly, “Why can’t we do it in your house? Is it because you had other men in your bed before?”

Avery shoved his chest. “Because you are d***y!”

He froze at her words.

She thought that he was d***y because he had slept with Zoe.

She raced to the door, unlocked it, and told him to get out. He stared at the open door, walked toward it, and shut it.

“And you are not? You were pregnant with another man’s baby.” He locked the door and grabbed her by the waist, before lifting her up.

She had a C-section, and there was a scar across her abdomen. The last time they had been intimate he had frozen at the sight of the scar. He had tortured her for it. It was as though the scar was provoking him, mocking him. Avery had told him, that Layla was a test tube baby, and that she had gotten Layla by using the sperm she had gotten from a sperm bank.

Elliot blocked all the things that came out of Avery’s mouth, and he pressed down on her. She pushed at him; her arms separating them.

“Go shower! You reek of alcohol!” She turned her head away with a frown.

He saw the contempt on her face, and he grabbed her arm and dragged her toward the bathroom. “Let’s both take a shower.”

“I don’t want to shower with you!”

“Aren’t you just going to run away while I’m in the bathroom?” He had suspected that she was going to make her escape while he was taking a shower.

“This is my house! Where am I going to run to this late at night?!” she retorted.

“Then we are showering together!” He dragged her into the bathroom and closed the bathroom door.

Meanwhile, Mike was drunk in the yard, and because he was drunk, he had just realized that Elliot had been gone for a while.

“Didn’t that j**k Elliot go to the bathroom? Why hasn’t he come back?”

Mike’s words had alerted Tammy, who was also drinking. “How long has he been gone?!”

Jun checked the time. “About an hour… Did he fall into the toilet or something?”

Tammy set her glass down and hurried inside the mansion. The others did the same and followed her.

There was no one on the first floor.

“Didn’t he go to the bathroom? There’s no one in the bathroom on the first floor!” Tammy said, “I told you that he wasn’t going to the bathroom, he went looking for trouble!”

“Tammy, quiet down. The kids might be asleep,” Jun reminded.

Tammy covered her mouth and walked toward the second room, while the others followed closely behind.

Tammy went to the children’s room to check if they were asleep. When they opened the door, a thin sliver of light from the corridor fell on the bed. Hayden opened his jewel-like eyes. He moved the blanket aside and immediately sat up at the sight of the group of people.

“Hayden…” Layla rubbed her eyes and got up.

Everyone else gasped, thinking, “Great! Now we’ve woken up the kids!”

Tammy apologized to the children with a blush on her face. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you. We are looking for Elliot… I think he might be bullying your mom.”

Both Hayden and Layla ran toward their mother’s room.