When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 366

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The shouts of the two children echoed inside the mansion.

Inside the master bedroom, Avery heard her children shouting and tensed. She tried to escape from Elliot – who was on top of her. She could not break free.

“Elliot Foster! Let me go!” Tears began to well up in her eyes as she grew anxious.

He grabbed onto her wrists tightly. He had no intention of releasing her.

“I’m not done!” His voice was low and tinted with annoyance. “Do you really believe that they need something from you?”

“It doesn’t matter when or why they are looking for me, all that matters is they need me!” She struggled to fight him off. Her eyes grew red with tears as she struggled against him.

He simply tightened his grip. There was no way she could escape if he was determined to keep her there.

Tears rolled down her cheeks, and her eyes slowly filled with resentment.

Outside the door, Layla was about to burst into tears, and Tammy immediately lifted her up.

“Don’t cry, Layla! I just had a bit too much to drink and said the wrong thing.” Tammy carried her toward the children’s room and said, “Elliot isn’t bullying your mom… How could he, when all of us are here?”

Mike tested the doorknob to the master bedroom and realized that it was locked. He was frustrated, but he knew better than to barge in. So, he took Hayden into his arms and began walking back to the children’s room as well.

“Don’t be mad, Big H! I will guard your mom’s door! When that b*st*rd Elliot comes out, I’m going to punch him in the face!” Mike said to Hayden who was scowling. “You and your sister should go to sleep. You two have school tomorrow!”

Hayden wordlessly suppressed his anger.

Shortly after that, Tammy and Mike came out of the room after tucking the children in.

“Tammy Lynch, you drank too much! No matter what happens between Elliot and Avery, how could you get the kids involved?! They are still very young, and you can’t drag them into this!” barked Jun.

Tammy’s face reddened. “Why are you yelling at me?! Get Elliot out of there since you are so good at handling all this! All you jerks only know how to defend Elliot!”

“I didn’t defend that dirtbag!” Mike argued.

“Who are you calling dirtbag? My boss isn’t a dirtbag!” Chad retorted.

“Dirtbag, dirtbag, dirtbag! I said that he’s a dirtbag, what are you going to do about it?”

Chad glanced at the master bedroom and lowered his voice. “Come downstairs with me right now!”

With that, the two of them headed down.

Jun raised his hand to look at his watch. “We should go home, too.”

Still frustrated, Tammy said, “Go home? Have you cleaned up the yard?”

“Oh, let’s go clean up, then!”

“You go do it! I’ll just monitor you!”

“Alright, I will clean up, and you can watch me.” Jun sighed and said, “Don’t be mad, babe. You can fight with Elliot all you want when I’m not around, but since I’m here, can’t you at least leave him be for my sake?”

“I don’t like him!” Tammy went downstairs, “I can’t help it!”

“Avery seems calm enough,” Jun teased. “I guess you are worrying over nothing.”

“Who’s worrying over nothing?” “It’s just an observation, alright? Stop worrying. If Elliot was truly torturing her, do you really think she wouldn’t call for help?”

The group went back downstairs and started to clean the yard.

Suddenly, Mike looked in the direction of the master bedroom on the second floor and said,” C**p! Why aren’t lights on? Did they go to sleep?”

“I guess my boss isn’t going home tonight. I will dismiss the bodyguards,” said Chad.

“Who gave him permission to stay the night?”

Chad lifted an eyebrow. “Avery did!”

Inside the master bedroom on the second floor, Elliot released Avery once he was done.

She did not want to look at him, so she turned off the lights.