When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 368

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 368

Elliot sneered and thought to himself, “Hayden Tate wants to be my dad? How hilarious. But, that kid has guts.”

Elliot guessed that him staying over had frustrated Hayden greatly. He must not have been able to get any sleep, and that was why he had attacked Elliot’s company.

Hayden had the right to be angry, but when Elliot pictured how Hayden had lost sleep over anger, he could not help but smirk.

“Mr. Foster, should we call the police?” Chad asked.

Elliot continued his way downstairs as he drawled, “What’s going on in the network security department?”

“They trying to get the system up and running as soon as they can.”

“How long until it’s fixed?”

“They should be able to fix it by noon today,” Chad said.

Elliot reached the first floor and said, “We are not calling the police.”

“Noted. Mr. Foster, do you suspect that this is Hayden’s doing?”


Chad could barely hold back his laughter. “Well, he sure is a genius child! The IT department has strengthened the firewall since he last attacked our network, but he still got past it.”

“So what if he is a genius? He’s already on the wrong path. If Avery lets him continue doing whatever he wants, he will wind up in prison.”

The smile on Chad’s face disappeared at how merciless his boss was.

Avery would surely d*e of anger if she heard Elliot.

“But it seems like he is only doing this to spite you… I haven’t heard of him attacking anyone else,” mused Chad. “So he won’t end up in prison as long as you don’t report him to the police.”

Chad was certain that Elliot would not send Hayden to prison. No matter what Hayden planned on doing, Elliot would not harm him as long as he had Avery protecting him.

Elliot’s expression darkened at Chad’s words. “If that’s the case, I am only going to encounter more and more trouble from now on. That brat’s ability would only get better as he grows.” thought Elliot.

He felt as though there was an itch he couldn’t scratch at the thought.

Meanwhile, Zoe was at the Foster mansion, she had been discharged from the hospital. She should have remained at the hospital for a few more days, but she did not want to remain at the hospital. Though Elliot had not announced their breakup, everyone knew it was impossible for her relationship with Elliot to continue, and she no longer had an excuse to stay in the old Foster mansion.

“Stay here for now, Zoe, and don’t think too much. Elliot’s opinion does not represent mine. I still like you,” Rosalie said. “Just stay here and keep me company!”

“Thank you for supporting me, Rosalie. It’s just that, Elliot might be upset if I continue to stay here,” Zoe said.

“He’s not that petty! Just rest up for now and recover.” Rosalie took out a beautiful gift box and handed it to Zoe. “This is a gesture of goodwill from me. I hope that you won’t resent Elliot and will continue to treat Shea to the best of your abilities.”

Zoe accepted the gift box. It was no wonder that Rosalie was so polite with her. She was still useful to the Foster Family.

“Don’t worry, I will do my best.” Zoe opened the box and found an exquisite jade bracelet inside. “What a beautiful bracelet. Thank you, Rosalie.”

“My eldest daughter-in-law had her eyes on that bracelet, but I didn’t want to give it to her,” Rosalie said with a smile. “Which goes to say how much I care for you to give you this.”

“Mm-hm! I don’t hate Elliot, actually. I guess it’s just not meant to be,” Zoe said calmly.

Just then, a nanny walked over and whispered a few words into Rosalie’s ear.

Rosalie’s expression darkened, and she immediately got up and walked deeper into the house.