When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 369

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Once she was inside, Rosalie picked up the phone and said, “Hello, do you know Elliot Foster? I ‘m his mother.”

“Hello, Madame Rosalie. May I know why you’ve contacted me?” The person on the other end of the line said.

“You have a student named Hayden Tate at your kindergarten, right?”


“The thing is; I need a few strands of his hair, and I was wondering if you can get me some. I will pay you, so just name your price,” said Rosalie.

Confused, the other person asked, “Why do you want his hair? It’s not that I don’t want to help, but you probably don’t know much about that child. You see, he does not allow anyone to touch him. The only person who can touch him is his sister.”

Rosalie had not predicted that something this simple would turn out to be so difficult.

“Think of something! If you can’t get your hands on his hair, blood will also do!” she said. “I’ll be honest with you, that boy’s mother was married to my son for a while… and I suspect that there’s more to that boy than meets the eye. So, please do me this favor? If you get this done, I will reward you well.”

Just then, the nanny noticed a figure outside the door and immediately stepped outside.

“Ms. Sanford, do you need anything?” The nanny’s expression darkened as she stared at Zoe, but she refrained from being rude.

Zoe was eavesdropping and panicked. “Oh… I just thought of returning the gift from Rosalie, since it seems too expensive.”

“Please wait in the living room,” the nanny said.

Zoe immediately headed back to the living room.

Shortly after, Rosalie had finished the phone call. The nanny did not mention that Zoe was eavesdropping in order to avoid complications.

Zoe chatted with Rosalie for a while longer, before telling her that she had made plans to have lunch with her father and left.

She was troubled when she stepped outside the mansion.

According to what she had heard, Rosalie had started to suspect Avery’s children. Though Elliot did not want children, Rosalie desperately wanted grandchildren. If she found out that both Hayden and Layla were Elliot’s children, she would surely treat them like royalty and side with Avery.

Zoe did not wish to see that.

In the restaurant, Zoe sat down and glanced over at Wanda.

“Why the long face, Zoe? Didn’t Elliot give you a lot of money? Don’t be depressed, having money is the most important thing,” Zoe’s father said.

Zoe picked up the glass to take a sip of water. “It’s not about that. By the way, Wanda, did you manage to close the deal with those technology firms that you were planning to buy?”

Wanda smiled and said, “I’m almost there. This is the perfect time to get into the industry. With Tate Industries getting all the business at the moment, other firms are struggling, so it’s up for negotiation. Do you want to invest? I assure you that you will earn more money.”

Zoe’s eyes gleamed, and she said, “How can you be sure?”

Wanda’s eyes shone viciously as she said, “Because Avery is my arch enemy, and I have to win!

Persuaded by her words, Zoe said, “Alright, I’ll invest with you.”

Meanwhile, Avery was at Tate Industries addressing all the work that had come in in the morning. She got up after she saw the time.

She stepped out of the office and headed to the closest pharmacy.

When she entered a member of the staff said, “What are you looking for, Miss?”

After a moment of hesitation, Avery answered shyly, “Morning-after pills.”

The staff immediately produced the pills and glanced at her.

Avery lowered her gaze, before pulling out her phone to pay. After paying, she walked out of the pharmacy with the medicine, when suddenly, she remembered Elliot’s warning.

He said that he was going to keep her with him for life if she did not give him a child. He wanted her to bear him a child. It did not matter if the child survived or not.

Her blood ran cold instantly, and she dropped the pill to the ground.