When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 37

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 37

Unfortunately, Avery had to use Cole as a scapegoat this time.

Since Shaun had found out about the missing contents, she had to divert his attention elsewhere before things got more difficult for her.

Suddenly, Avery’s phone rang.

The man opened her bag and pulled out her phone.

The words “Foster Mansion” flashed on the phone screen.

“You weren’t kidding! Since you’re close to the Fosters, I won’t keep you any longer. Go on!”

The man did not want to get in trouble with the Foster family. Besides, he already did what he was paid to do.

Once Avery was free, she immediately called Mrs. Cooper back.

“Why did you hang up just now, Madam? It’s late and you’re not home yet. Did something happen?” Mrs. Cooper asked.

Avery glanced around her surroundings.

She was in the middle of nowhere. The road was dim, and it ran through a forest. At a glance, it looked like the b****y jaws of a wild beast that were ready to gobble her up. It was terrifying.

“Is the driver still on the clock, Mrs. Cooper?” Avery asked. “I can’t get a cab where I am now.”

She was dressed in nothing but her gown from earlier, and she was trembling in the cold, fall air.

“He just arrived with Master Elliot. I’ll ask him to go get you. Send me your location.”

“Alright,” Avery responded, then sent her location to Mrs. Cooper’s phone, and Mrs. Cooper then sent it to the driver.

As the driver was on the way, Mrs. Cooper approached Elliot to inform him about Avery. “Something must have happened to Madam. Her location shows that she’s now in a remote area. There’s no reason for a girl to be in that area at this hour of the day.”

Elliot then looked at the GPS location sent to Mrs. Cooper.

It was a remote area that people seldom visited during the day, let alone in the dark of the night.

“Send some people there right now and find out what happened,” Elliot ordered his bodyguard.

Avery returned home about three hours later.

The driver stopped the car in the courtyard and got out.

Mrs. Cooper was confused, so she walked over to the car to check things out.

“She fell asleep in the car,” explained the driver. “It’s not proper for me to touch her, and I couldn’t bring myself to wake her.”

Mrs. Cooper opened the passenger side door and woke Avery up.

Avery sat up and rubbed her tired eyes.

“You’re finally safe at home, Madam! Let’s get you to bed!” Mrs. Cooper said as she helped Avery out of the car. “Master Elliot was waiting for you the whole time. He was very worried about you.”

Elliot had been sitting in the living room all the while.

He did not say it, but Mrs. Cooper could tell that he had some feelings for Avery.

The only reason he made her get an a******n was so that he could continue spending his life with her.

“He’s waiting for me?” Avery said. The fatigue had suddenly escaped her. “He’s not going to blow up at me, is he?”

“Absolutely not. He’s just worried that you were in the middle of nowhere at this time of night,” Mrs. Cooper said.

“Oh, I’m fine now,” Avery responded.

As she slid into her house slippers at the front door, she noticed Elliot walking toward the elevator from the periphery of her vision.

He was not in his wheelchair.

Was he able to walk by himself now?!

“His legs…” Avery began to ask Mrs. Cooper.

“He can walk now, but not for long periods of time. He’ll still need the wheelchair once in a while.”

“He should be fully recovered soon.”

“That’s right! You’re hoping he’ll recover soon, right?”

Avery’s cheeks flushed as her gaze shifted to his back.

Elliot’s steps had slowed down slightly.

“Of course, I do,” Avery said, then changed her tone and added, “That way, he can go back to work instead of being at home so much!”

She saw the muscles on his back and shoulders tighten, then he turned around.

He was furious.


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