When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 374

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Chapter 374 When Elliot appeared by the table, Avery was about to take a bite of the cake and she almost snapped the plastic fork in half at the sight of him. What were the odds that she would run into him in the rare chance that she dined out?

Tammy frowned. “What a coincidence, Mr. Foster. Do you have a meeting here?”

She waved at the group behind Elliot sarcastically, and the others gave her smiles that were both polite and careful at the same time.

Elliot glanced at the cake on the table and looked at the two children. “It’s your birthday?” His voice was low, powerful, and confused.

He remembered that Hayden’s birthday was on the 13th of April, not today.

Avery’s blood ran cold at that very instant. She had not wanted to celebrate their birthday because she feared that he would get suspicious. Yet, he had still caught them celebrating in secret.

Elliot studied the panicked and anxious expression on Avery’s face thoughtfully.

“So Hayden’s birthday isn’t on the 13th of April, but today? And so is Layla’s birthday? Do these two kids share the same birthday? Could it be-”

“Do you have a lot of free time on your hands? Why do you care whose birthday it is today? Besides, who says that we can only eat cake on someone’s birthday?” Tammy snatched the birthday hats from Layla’s and Hayden’s heads and put them on Avery and herself. “Today is the anniversary of my friendship with Avery, so we came out to celebrate. Do you have a problem with it?!”

Her panicked expression disappeared in an instant at Tammy’s words.

Elliot lowered his gaze to look at Avery and said sarcastically, “Longing to get married, Avery?

Startled by the question, she looked up to meet his eyes. Before she could say anything, Tammy seized the chance and said, “Can’t you just mind your own business, Elliot Foster? Whether Avery wants to get married or not has nothing to do with you. Even if she does want to get married, she won’t marry you! Just give up!” Tammy’s words stung Elliot’s heart and his eyes turned vicious. “Tammy Lynch, I wasn’t talking to you. Mind your tongue!”

Unable to stay out of it, Avery intervened. “Tammy only said what I meant to say. You don’t have to yell in public, it’s very unbecoming of you!”

She emphasized the word ‘public’ and Elliot instantly snapped out of his rage.

He clenched his fists with a cold expression and turned around to leave.

After he had left, Tammy sighed a breath of relief and said, “That was so scary! It’s the first time he’s been that vicious toward me!”

“Don’t stand up for me next time, or Jun is going to have a hard time. He will be caught between the two of you.”

Tammy pouted and said, “Don’t you think that he is acting odd? You two have divorced, so why does he keep bothering you? He even asked if you want to get married… Is he going to marry you if you say yes?”

Troubled, Avery simply said, “Let’s not talk about him. Next time we go out, we’ll just avoid the places where rich people frequent.”

“Hey, it’s not like we are doing something wrong! Why should we be the ones to avoid him? I’ m not scared of him!”

Avery took a deep breath.

She was terrified of Elliot. Her two children were her weaknesses, and if she was left with no other option, she would give Elliot a child. She would never let him have Hayden and Layla.

“Mom, why did he ask if you want to get married?” Layla asked.

Tammy burst out laughing and explained, “Your mom tried on a wedding dress today, and she looked so alluring and beautiful! That dirtbag Elliot probably saw the photo and was attracted to your mom.”

Avery blushed. “Tammy, don’t post any photos of me on social media from now on.”

“He’s not my friend on social media, so it’s probably Chad or Jun who sent it to him! I just realized how nosy these men can be. They are even worse than us women!”

Avery deshelled the shrimp for the children when the screen of her phone lit up. Seeing Elliot’ s name on the screen, she took off the disposable gloves.

She unlocked the screen and saw the message from Elliot. It was the name of a hotel and a room number.