When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 375

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 375

The message was simple. It was telling her to compensate him.

Avery scowled and replied, [Not tonight.]

Elliot replied swiftly once the message was sent, and she could picture the rage on his face when she read his reply.

[I’m not negotiating with you, I’m commanding you.]

That was his reply. She stared at each of the words in his message with composure and replied.

[Have you forgotten that women get menstruation? Or are you going to do it despite the blood?]

(Still want to?]

[‘Are you challenging me?] Elliot replied.

Avery dared not answer his question. Naturally, she would not have the courage to actually challenge him. She feared that he might actually tell her to spend the night with him despite the blood.


On the second floor of the restaurant, Elliot set his phone down when Avery did not reply.

No one dared to whisper a word when he was texting. The conversation only picked up again when he set his phone down.

“Mr. Foster, that lady downstairs is the CEO of Tate Industries, am I right?”

“That’s her. There are photos of her on the internet. It came up right away when I searched for her.” The person next to him showed everyone the photo he had found online. “Do you all know Wanda Tate? She used to be Avery’s stepmother. After Jack Tate’s d***h, the two of them had a falling out because of the inheritance they were to receive. Now, Wanda has returned to the country and started investing in the drone industry. It appears that she wants to beat Avery.”

“Who do you think would win?”

“It’s hard to say. They both produce drones, but they have different target consumers. Avery aims for high-end users, whereas Wanda, targets low-end users. If Wanda succeeds, of course, she would be the one who earns more.”

“My vote is with Wanda as well. She’s rather successful overseas, and it’s not hard to tell that she has the mind for business. Mr. Foster, what do you think?”

Everyone focused on Elliot.

He pressed a button on his phone and the screen lit up, but there was still no reply from Avery.

“Are you all investing your money with Wanda Tate?” Elliot’s eyes gleamed sharply as he drawled, “I’m not a stakeholder to either one of them, so I don’t care how they are doing.”

“Oh… I haven’t started investing with Wanda yet, but I’m considering it. I was just wondering if you have any suggestions, Mr. Foster.”

The casual expression faded from Elliot’s face as he said sternly, “The truly capable would never try to seek investments from those around them. Make up your own mind about what you want to do with your money.”

Elliot ended the dinner early, and when he came down to the first floor, he looked over to where Avery was seated, but there was no one there.

Was she in such a hurry to leave and avoid him?

Time flew by, and soon it was Monday. It was the day of Starry River Kindergarten’s physical examination.

A black Bonz was parked beneath the shade of the tree in the parking lot. Rosalie was waiting anxiously inside the car.

The blood examination was a ploy. It was staged so that she could get a blood sample from Hayden.

Rosalie was worried that he might not cooperate. If he did not, they could not forcefully take his blood, and things would get more complicated.

After an hour or so, a nurse was seen hurrying toward the parking lot.

Rosalie beamed and thought to herself, “Did it work?!”