When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 378

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 378

At the summit, Mike and Chad had been arguing for over twenty minutes, and they were both exhausted.

“You are being unreasonable!” said Chad readjusting his spectacles.

Mike snorted. “You lose your mind every time you mention your boss. You need to do some self-reflecting! Your boss isn’t your dad, why do you claim to know him?”

“You are the one who needs self-reflection! Why do you care who my boss invests in? Even if he did place his money on Wanda Tate, it only means that she has that sort of value! It doesn’t mean that he likes her as a person!” Chad argued.

“Don’t call me out for drinks from now on! If you all teaming up with Wanda Tate, then it’s best we don’t meet again! I’m on Avery’s side!” declared Mike, severing all ties with Chad.

Chad’s face was flushed with frustration. “Sure! Who wants to be friends with you, anyway?”

After the argument, the two went on to look for their bosses.

Ten minutes had passed, and Mike could still not find Avery, so he went looking for Chad. “I can’t find Avery! Where’s your boss?”

Chad shrugged. “I can’t find him. He didn’t tell me where he was going. We came here for the summit, though.”

“Avery came for the summit as well! She is expected to go on stage to give a speech later!” Mike panicked and took out his phone to call Avery, but her phone had been switched off, and he could not reach her.

“Do you think that Mr. Foster is only here as a member of the crowd?” Chad snorted. “They have to be together if they are both missing.”

“Of course, I know that they are together! That b*st*rd Elliot must have kidnapped Avery!”

“Can’t you be more civilized with your words?” Chad glared at him. “Don’t panic. Mr. Foster is very particular with time, so he should be back soon.”

Mike took a deep breath and decided to wait.

Half an hour had gone by, and it had been twenty minutes since the summit’s official start, but there was still no sign of Elliot or Avery.

If it were not for all the people around them, Mike would have grabbed Chad by the and demanded to know what he meant when he said that Elliot was particular with time.

Suddenly, they heard a round of applause, followed by Wanda being invited on stage.

Wanda walked up to the stage with an elegant and confident smile and bowed.

“”I’m honored for being invited to this event today. It is my pleasure to share my story of success with the entrepreneurs before me. The concept of our company is to change lives with technology. We aim to change not only the lives of those in the upper and middle-income groups but those in the lower-income groups as well.”

Wanda passionately gave her speech on stage.

Mike strode toward the organizer. Knowing that Avery could not make it back in time, he had decided to represent her on stage.

He could not let Wanda steal their thunder.

Meanwhile, Avery was in the guest room of the hotel.

Avery had tried multiple times to get off the bed, but Elliot would not let her. He used his weight to pin her down, and there was only a thin silk blanket separating them.

“Why is he acting so childish? What’s the point of making me late for the summit?” she thought.

“Why bother participating in that kind of event? Aren’t you tired?” He buried his face in the crook of her neck. As he spoke, his warm breath brushed against her skin, and it tickled.

She pushed his head away. “I’m more tired when you press me into the bed like this!”

He got off of her at the sound of her heavy breathing. He lay down next to her and stared at her blushing face in contentment, “Let’s have dinner together.”

“Our relationship is limited to sleeping together, and we are not as close as to be dining together,” she said sarcastically, getting out of bed.

“You are already late, there’s no point in hurrying over now,” he said in a cold voice.

“I would rather go sunbathe than stay here with you.” She started putting her clothes back on, one piece at a time.

Elliot’s good mood was completely destroyed, and his expression darkened. He swung his legs and got out of bed. The two started getting dressed on opposite sides of the bed.

Once she was dressed, Avery picked up her purse and after a moment of hesitation, she asked,” Elliot, have you placed your money on Wanda?”

He buckled his belt and narrowed his eyes while looking at her. “I thought our relationship is limited to bed? We are off the bed now.”