When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 380

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 380

“Mommy, the nurse told Hayden to go first because I was scared of the pain. She wanted me to see that there was nothing to it,” explained Layla. “Hayden only had his blood taken for my sake. He loves me!”

Avery sighed at the explanation and said, “You are both so adorable and good. Mommy loves you more and more as the days go by!”

“Mom, we love you too!” Layla’s doe-like eyes were filled with joy.

Their bodyguard stood on the side and scratched his head. “Miss Tate, should I cook?”

“Wouldn’t that be too much trouble?”

The bodyguard shook his head. “It is no problem.”

With that, he went into the kitchen.

“Mommy, that uncle cooks really well! He is making buffalo wings for us tonight.” Layla grabbed Avery’s hand and mumbled, “Why didn’t Uncle Mike come home with you?”

Avery’s brows twitched, and she said, “He is busy with something, so we didn’t come home together.”

Elliot had turned off her phone, and Mike must have gotten extremely nervous when he could not find her.

She immediately took out her phone from her purse and turned it on. When she saw the missed calls from Mike, she immediately called him back.

Mike picked up right away. “Avery! Can’t you just give me a heads-up next time Elliot takes you away?! Don’t you know how worried I was?”

Embarrassed, Avery changed the subject. “Why were you fighting with Chad again?”

“You saw us arguing?” Mike hissed. “I asked him if Elliot had put his money on Wanda, and he said he doesn’t know. He then told me to mind my own business and said that his boss knows what he is doing, whether or not he decides to invest with Wanda- I can’t stand that look on his face.”

“What’s there to argue about?” Avery glanced at the kitchen and asked, “Are you coming back for dinner?”

“I have plans for dinner.” Mike swiftly changed the subject and said, “It’s a shame that you didn’t hear Wanda’s speech today… I could not help but laugh at her speech. She said that she had started the company with the sole intention of saving the poor, instead of her true reason: making money. Does she think that she is Mother Teresa or something? She might as well be writing ‘I want money’ on her face!”

Avery felt calm while listening to Mike’s frustrated ranting. She had done a lot of thinking since she returned home. She could not possibly stop Wanda from doing anything, so she had to focus on maintaining her own company. She had to ensure that she put up a fight. When the time was right, she would strike and end Wanda once and for all.

“Don’t drink too much at night, and remember to call a taxi if you are too drunk. My head hurts so I won’t be able to pick you up,” she said.

“Oh. Why is your head hurting? Is it because of Wanda or Elliot?” Mike asked in a worried voice.

“It’s because of myself,” she responded casually. “I will go back to the kids now.”

“Oh…” Concerned, Mike said, “I will come home early tonight.”

That night, a black Rolls-Roice drove into the yard of Elliot’s house at eight. Once the car was parked, Elliot stepped out of the car.

Zoe came out from the living room and stood before him.

“Elliot, I came here tonight to check on Shea,” she said with a calm smile on her face. “She is recovering well. I think you are able to tell that as well. Also, I am here to inform you that I will be moving out of the old Foster mansion in a few days.”

“You can stay there,” he said.

Zoe shook her head. “It’s not appropriate. I will go apartment hunting soon.”

“You don’t want to stay in the place I arranged for you?”

“No. I’ve already taken so much money from you, so I can’t possibly stay in your place? I will find a place that’s nearby to facilitate Shea’s recovery,” Zoe paused for a brief moment, before continuing, “It’s late, so I won’t overstay my welcome. Hurry inside. Shea has been waiting for you.”

Elliot felt slightly surprised at how determined Zoe appeared to be. In his mind, Avery’s face appeared.

Avery used to love him, and she was just as determined when she broke up with him. The looks in his eyes turned cold at the thought.