When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 381

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Chapter 381 Zoe left Elliot’s mansion and walked back to the old Foster mansion.

Rosalie retired early. Henry and his wife, on the other hand, would often stay out late into the night, and Cole would either spend the entire night out or spend the entire day home. Thus, the old Foster mansion was quiet all the time.

When Zoe returned to her room, she sent Cole a message.

When Cole received the message, he immediately came to Zoe’s room.

“Zoe, our child is gone. Why are you looking for me?” Cole said coldly while standing by the door. He still could not get past the fact that she had brutally k****d the child. If he had not wanted the child, then he could not care less if the child survived or died, but he wanted the child.

“Do you think I didn’t want my own child? That’s my own flesh and blood! But I can’t have him! If the child is born, it will not end well for us!” Zoe pulled him into the room and closed the door.

Cole sobered up a little. “Then, why are you looking for me?”

“I’m moving out. I’m saying my farewell to you tonight.”

“Oh, don’t make it seem like we won’t see each other anymore. Didn’t you agree to continue treating Shea? You even accepted three hundred million from my uncle,” Cole insinuated.

“Cole, once I have enough money, maybe there is no need to care about your abilities… so long as you listen to me.” Zoe looked at him seductively.

“Dr. Sanford, what… do you mean… by telling me all this?” Cole could not hold himself back for much longer.

“It’s exactly what you think it means!” Zoe pulled him by the collar to the bed and turned off the lights!

Two days later, the paternity test center made a call to Rosalie informing her that the results were out.

Rosalie had not seen the results, but her blood pressure had already increased. Initially, she had wanted to collect the results herself, but she felt too dizzy to do so.

After taking her medication, she ordered the driver to go collect the result.

After the driver left, Rosalie started talking excitedly to her servants.

“I did not get them to tell me the results on the phone because I want to see the results for myself!” said Rosalie radiantly. “I had a dream last night about the results! It was the result that I wanted! Hahaha!”

The servants laughed together with her.

At that moment, Cole came downstairs and asked, “Grandma, what’s the good news? Why are you so happy!”

Rosalie smiled and said, “Good news indeed! But I can’t tell you right now! I will only announce it later!”

“Oh, how secretive. I’ll head back to bed then. Call me later!”


About an hour later, the driver returned with the results. The results were encased in an envelope.

Rosalie opened the envelope and retrieved the results with trembling hands! As she pulled out the document, she remembered that she did not have her glasses, so she immediately went back to her room.

She was eager to put her glasses on so she could read the results in detail!

After seeing the results, she was seized with excitement! Her face was distorted with happiness.

“I have- a grandson. Elliot- has an heir. Hayden is Elliot’s son. I knew he must be Elliot’s son. He looked exactly like Elliot when Elliot was young. How could he not be Elliot’s son! Avery has hidden it well!”

Rosalie muttered to herself. She quickly picked up her phone, browsed through her contacts, and made a call!