When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 382

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Chapter 382 Half an hour later, Elliot received a call from his brother, Henry.

“Elliot! Come to the hospital now! Mother fell! She’s not doing well!”

Elliot gripped his phone tightly. He strode out of the office and walked toward the elevator.

Chad noticed his darkened expression, and the alarm in him went off. What had happened?

“Mr. Foster, do you want to push back your meetings?”

“Let the vice president do it. Send the meeting notes to me,” Elliot said before entering his private elevator.

The doors of the elevator slowly slid shut.

Chad had a bad feeling. Elliot rarely looked anxious while he was in the office.

At the hospital, Rosalie was pushed into the emergency room. When Elliot arrived, the emergency room door was still shut.

“What happened?” Elliot looked at Henry with a dark expression.

“I was not at home then. Cole said he heard Mother yell out, so he came out of the room to have a look, and he saw Mother rolling down the stairs.”

Elliot furrowed his brows tightly. “She fell from the upper floor? What was she doing there?”

Rosalie was quite old. She was no longer steady on her feet, so she normally stayed on the ground floor.

Henry looked like he was in pain. “I don’t know either! I was not at home then. Although Mother doesn’t stay on the upper floor, she can’t stay still and usually likes to walk around the house.”

“How about the nanny? Didn’t the nanny look after her?” Elliot’s voice rose a few octaves. He asked his question coldly.

Rosalie has high blood pressure, and she could not afford to take the fall.

“I rushed to the hospital when I received Cole’s call. I didn’t have time to ask all those questions!” Henry’s eyes reddened. “Cole, come and speak to your uncle!”

Cole’s eyes were a little reddened. He looked like he had just cried.

“Uncle Elliot, I was sleeping at home. When I heard Grandma yell, I rushed out of the room and saw her on the floor. The nanny was frightened to d***h, and she was crying by the side. I barely had time to ask the nanny anything, I just dialed the emergency number—”

Cole’s body was stiff. He clenched his fists tightly.

Cole raised his hand and wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes. “I’ll go right now and see what happened.”

After Cole left, Henry stood outside the emergency room, anxiously waiting. Elliot stood on the other side. His body was stiff, and his heart was cold.

He recalled the last time he had seen his mother. It seemed that it was when Zoe had had a m*********e. Back then, they talked once. He said he would find another doctor to treat Shea.

Rosalie was happy then. She said that she would not force him and Zoe to be together. She was always like that. She might seem domineering, but she always gave in to him.

Elliot was not used to expressing his feelings, so he rarely said sweet things to her, but that did not mean that he did not love her.

His mother was the person that treated him the best. As a mother, there might be some things that she did not do well, but her son, Elliot, was worse than her.

Like a premonition, he was suddenly overcome with a sense of dread and disappointment. These terrifying emotions were like a virus, slowly spreading throughout his entire body, suffocating him.

After a while, the doors of the emergency room opened. The doctor and nurses came out.

“The patient’s heart stopped beating half an hour ago. We tried to resuscitate her, but we failed. We’re sorry.”

Instantly, Henry and his wife’s cries could be heard in the corridors.

Elliot walked into the emergency room with heavy steps.

His mother was pale. Her eyes were wide open. It looked like she did not have a peaceful d***h.

Elliot reached his hand out, wanting to shut his mother’s eyes, but no matter how he tried, he could not shut her eyes.

He grabbed his mother’s cold hands. He swallowed. His voice was hoarse. “Mother, did you want to tell me something?” There was no response.