When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 383

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 383

“If there is a next life, I hope that you will never see Shea or I. We have made things difficult for you.”

Still no response.

There was nothing left in d***h. All the memories, hatred, desire, and reluctance vanished when the heart fell silent.

No one would force him to get married and have children in the future. No one would miss him or worry whether he was eating enough or staying warm enough, or whether his work was tiring him or not.

A moment later, Cole rushed into the hospital.

When he heard of his grandmother’s d***h, he instantly lost it and sobbed!

“How could Grandma d*e just like that! Yesterday, she was nagging me to get a girlfriend!” wailed Cole. He took Rosalie’s phone.

“I spoke to Grandma’s nanny. She said that before Grandma fell, she was on a call, so I brought her phone over.”

Elliot accepted the phone with reddened eyes. He turned on the phone and pulled up the call history.

On the screen, a familiar name suddenly appeared. It was as if someone had choked him!

Avery Tate!

The last call his mother had made was to Avery Tate. Why had his mother talked to Avery? It showed that the call lasted for five minutes.

What were they talking about? What did they have to say for their conversation to last five whole minutes?

“Who did Mother talk to?” Henry looked at Elliot’s reaction and realized something was off. He immediately walked over and looked at the phone. “Avery? Why did Mother talk to her?

They never keep in touch! I never heard Mother talk about Avery!”

Elliot’s fingers trembled. He used Rosalie’s phone and called Avery.

Avery was in her office at Tate Industries. She was in a glum mood. She had been sitting still for over an hour.

Rosalie had called her over an hour ago. She told Avery that she knew that Hayden is Elliot’s biological child!

Without waiting for Avery to say something, Rosalie read her the results of the paternity test.

Then, Rosalie mocked her!

She had commended Avery on her ability to hide the truth for this long, but she said that Avery would never be able to get anything past her. Rosalie was going to immediately tell Elliot the news. They wanted Hayden, but they did not want Avery! Rosalie had also said that if Avery was smart she would send Hayden to the Fosters, otherwise, they would take the boy by force!

She never expected Rosalie to get a paternity test done!

Avery was a sitting duck at the moment. If Elliot had known about this, she could not bear to imagine what the consequences would be. She was stumped. She did not know how to keep her children by her side.

Her phone on the table rang, pulling her back to reality. She pursed her lips and looked at her screen. She thought it would be Elliot, but it was not! It was his mother again!

Avery quickly picked up the phone and yelled hysterically, “What do you want! What the h**l do you want again!”

Avery’s yells reached Elliot’s ears. Why was Avery so hysterical?

What happened between her and his mother?

“Avery.” Elliot swallowed and yelled her name.

Hearing his voice, Avery’s fingers suddenly tightened. Her fingernails dug into her palm, but she felt no pain!

Elliot had used his mother’s phone to call her. Mother and son met. Rosalie had to have told him everything

Avery was like a criminal who had committed a serious crime and was waiting for the final judgment

At the thought of how he was about to take Hayden away, her heart hurt so badly she could not breathe. She began to cry.

“Avery,” said Elliot. This time, he sounded cold and upset. “What happened between you and my mother?”