When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 385

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 385

On the other end of the line, Avery heard Elliot’s command. She sneered and said, “Don’t trouble your bodyguard. Where are you now? I’ll come right over.” Elliot waited in the hospital. He was still gripping Rosaline’s phone. The veins on his forehead popped. His entire body stiffened!

He had already decided that he was going to make Avery tell him everything his mother had said on the phone. He would not allow his mother to d*e without trying to get an explanation.

Henry cautiously walked over to Elliot and said, “Elliot, Mother is gone. Should we arrange for her funeral?”

Elliot barked, “Have an autopsy done first!”

He wanted to rule out m****r!

Although his mother had high blood pressure, her recent health checkup had shown that she was still rather healthy. Her sudden fall was rather suspicious.

Henry nodded. “Okay, I will go look for the doctor.”

By the side, Cole was holding onto his mother. He did not dare breathe loudly. His heart was beating wildly. He was terrified.

He had to keep it together.

If Elliot ever found out that it was him who had shoved Rosalie down the stairs, he would k**l him on the spot!

Cole had not wanted to push her! Elliot was Rosalie’s favorite, but she had also loved him plenty. It was Zoe who had persuaded him into doing it! There was no way out!.

Zoe did not want Elliot to know that Avery’s children were his biological children because once he knew about that, he would be even crazier over Avery, and he would treat her better than he ever had.

If Avery had Elliot by her side, how would Wanda win against Avery?

Zoe and Wanda had a common enemy at that moment. Anything bad for Wanda would be bad for her too.

After pushing Rosalie to her d***h, Cole destroyed the paternity test!

At the same time, he threatened everyone with d***h. If they dared breathe a single word, they would d*e.

Henry’s family ruled the staff at the old Foster mansion with an iron grip. No one dared defy them.

On top of that, Rosalie had called Avery before her d***h. Thus, it was only natural that all the hatred and resentment would be directed toward Avery.

Avery and Zoe met at the main lobby of the hospital. When Zoe saw Avery, it was as if a hunter had seen their prey. Her eyes were filled with a provocative arrogance.

“Avery, what a coincidence.” Zoe pressed the button to the elevator and took a jab at Avery.” You look sad. What happened?”

The elevator door slowly slid open. They waited for everyone inside to alight before they entered the elevator. Coincidentally, there were the only ones in the lift.

Avery was not in the mood to deal with her.

Zoe decided to push further past the line. “Are you here to see Aunt Rosalie? I heard that before she died, she called you. Avery, what did you say to her? She died after talking to you. You’re amazing!” she said.

“Shut up!” snapped Avery coldly.

“Hahaha! No!” Zoe laughed delightedly. “Seeing you this sad makes up for everything that I had suffered through. Avery, I’ll be honest. Elliot’s mother did not fall.”

Avery looked at Zoe! She glared at Zoe.

“She knew that your children are Elliot’s biological children. After getting the paternity test results, she was about to tell Elliot.” Zoe’s expressions turned sinister. “The stupid old hag thought she was so smart! All she was, was in the way! So, after she got the results, I sent her to heaven!”

Avery’s heart constricted tightly. Her glare was ice cold.

“Do you know why I dare tell you all this?” Zoe leaned it toward Avery. “I’m telling you all this because I’m betting on Elliot being on my side. He will not believe you,” she whispered into Avery’s ear.