When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 389

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 389

How had she treated him? His forgiveness and mercy seemed like a joke.

After a short contemplation, Elliot turned around. The bodyguard immediately understood what Elliot meant and took Avery away!

The hall instantly fell into pin-drop silence!

Avery did not cry or make a fuss. She just disappeared from his line of sight. Like all those years ago, she quietly left him.


The bodyguard took her to an underground cellar.

The room was dim. With the light of dusk, she could see that the underground cellar had not been renovated. They were walking on cement and steel. Strange sounds kept ringing in their ears.

There was a nauseating coppery smell that clung to the air!

After walking for five minutes, the bodyguard shoved her forward!

Avery was caught off guard, and she fell to the ground.

She came into contact with something sticky. Fear l****d her. Grass. She had touched grass, but the grass was covered in something sticky. It smelt foul.

Avery frowned and she quickly pulled her hands away! “Miss Tate, have a look at what’s behind you,” said the bodyguard with a sinister smile.

Avery turned around and came face to face with the head of a gigantic snake. It was a python! The python opened its huge jaws!

She stopped breathing. Her legs instantly turned to jelly, and her body went cold!

“Miss Tate, do you know why the python looks so good?” The bodyguard knelt next to her and snickered maliciously, “Because it only eats humans…”

Avery gasped. She could not stop the tremors that wracked her!

“Seeing as to how you have served our Mr. Foster, I won’t dig your eyes out, nor will I slice your fingers. This python is our gentlest punishment! The reason being, that it could easily s*****w an entire human alive. Once you have been swallowed, you will shortly d*e. Unlike other forms of torture, you won’t live for days. You will not be denied d***h…” the bodyguard whispered to Avery excitedly.

“Miss Tate. What did you say to Madam Rosalie? If you don’t tell me, I will allow this python to have you. I won’t let it s*****w you in one go. I will make sure it bites you. One bite at a time. It will start with your face. You’re so pretty, I’m sure you care a lot about your face!”

The bodyguard reached out and squeezed her small face.

Avery’s face was stained with tears. She pushed his hands away with all her might and ran. She crashed into the wall next to her!

“B****y h**l” The bodyguard was bewildered! He strode over and picked the unconscious Avery up!

“What’s going on?” The other bodyguard heard the commotion and came over to check on the situation.

“She ran into the wall! B****y h**l! What a strong woman!” The bodyguard placed her on the floor and checked the wounds on her forehead.

Her head was bleeding profusely.

“Should we send her to the doctor?” The bodyguard was scared. “She won’t d*e just like that, right?”

If she died before he could get anything out of her, Elliot would definitely be mad at them. They would be the ones he would blame.

Elliot was in the mansion’s main hall. This was the third time he was looking at the clock. His personal bodyguard said, “Mr. Foster, Miss Tate is weak. I’m afraid that she might not withstand the punishment in the underground cellar.”

“I want her to suffer a bit!” Of course, Elliot knew that Avery was weak, but she was stubborn!

“I’m just afraid that they might lay it heavy on her.” The bodyguard continued, “Why don’t I head down-“

Before the bodyguard could finish his sentence, Elliot furrowed his brows and strode toward the underground cellar!