When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 390

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Cold water hit Avery in the face. She came around!

The wound on her head was so painful she silently gasped.

“Not d**d yet.” The bodyguard who splashed her with water threw the bucket aside. He said, ” We don’t see people d***g in dramas from running into a wall, right? Hehe! No one dies that easily!”

“What should we do next? This woman is stubborn. If we don’t do something harsher, she won‘t talk.”

The other bodyguard nodded.

Avery gritted her teeth and looked at them coldly. All of her fear in her was converted to a never-ending flow of resentment.

The more Elliot treated her this way, the more she would not tell him! Even if he skinned her with his b**e hands! Even if she dies, she would never tell him who her children’s father is! Allowing the children to enter an orphanage was better than having the devil for a father!

The two bodyguards were talking amongst themselves in hushed tones. Then one came over, grabbed her with one hand, and dragged her forward.

“Miss Tate, come on. You’re so pretty! You could use that face of yours to find another rich man. You don’t have to torture yourself to d***h just because of this. Tell us what you said to Madam Rosalie. As long as you tell us, we’ll let you go!” said the bodyguard, threatening Avery.

Avery’s head started to spin. She started to see double. Although the crash just now was not f***l, it had still hurt her badly.

Avery was not afraid of d***h. Why would she be afraid of their threats?

Seeing her ice-cold expression and lowered gaze, told them that she was unfazed by their threats. The bodyguards gritted their teeth.

This woman really had to suffer before she would give in!

Elliot entered the underground cellar and strode toward the bodyguards.

“Where is Avery?!”

It was dim in the underground cellar, and Elliot’s darkened face looked even scarier!

The bodyguard immediately said, “Mr. Foster, this woman is intense! I first tried to scare her with the python, but she was so scared that she ran into the wall! But don’t worry, she’s not d**d. She’s still alive. We are using the freezing method right now. We’ll freeze her first, then we’ll b**n her. We’ll double her pain!”

When Elliot heard that she had run into a wall, he felt as if someone had stabbed him with a knife!

Avery had run into a wall! Was she seeking d***h?!

“Mr. Foster, don’t worry. With a stubborn person like her, we will need to torture her for a few more days. Give us more time. Within three days, I guarantee that she will come clean!” said the bodyguard. Elliot’s dark expression had given him the wrong impression.

Elliot was annoyed.

Bunch of idiots! They surely did not know how to gauge the gravity of the situation! He kicked the bodyguard and barked in a low voice, “Bring her out!”

The bodyguards were stumped. Did he find them to be too slow? Did he want to torture her himself?

They quickly opened the freezer and untied Avery.

The moment they opened the room, a bone-chilling, dry, cold air wafted out.

Elliot swallowed. A sliver of emotions flashed across his eyes. He did not know how long she was there! He did not know what had happened to her!

He will not admit that he regretted it, but he nearly drove himself crazy thinking about her! He thought of her laughter and her smile. He was still thinking of how warm her body was and her tender, small hands.

The bodyguards carried Avery over to Elliot.

“Mr. Foster! She has passed out from the cold, but she’s not d**d yet! She is still breathing!” one of the bodyguards said.

Elliot’s gaze was sharp when he looked her over and saw that her hair and clothes were frozen!

Even the blood on her forehead was frozen! Her pale face stood in stark contrast to the fresh red of the blood.