When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 391

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 391

Avery looked like she was already d**d.

Looking at her life hanging by the thread, Elliot asked himself if this was the outcome that he wanted!

Would her d***h relieve him? Then why was he even more heartbroken?

He picked her up from the floor. Her body was ice cold. Carrying her was like carrying a block of ice!

“Avery!” Elliot yelled hysterically, “I have not given you permission to d*e! You’re not allowed to d*e!”

The bodyguards heard other emotions besides hatred in his voice. There was anxiety and indignation too!

“What’s going on with Mr. Foster? Avery is not d**d yet. Didn’t I tell him already?” one of the bodyguards asked, stumped.

The other bodyguard replied, “I think Mr. Foster is very afraid that she might d*e.”

Elliot’s personal bodyguard looked at them. “You two have overdone it! If anything were to happen to Avery Tate, you two are finished!”

The two bodyguards were so frightened their faces turned green. “Mr. Foster agreed that we should take her down there! Also, we were gentle with her! We only used the python to intimidate her! It was she who crashed into the wall! If she had not done that, she would still be up and jumping!”

Elliot carried Avery to the big bed in the bedroom.

The doctor soon arrived!

The doctor cleaned the wound on her forehead and then said, “Take her wet clothes off and give her a hot shower. Once her body temperature returns to normal, she should come around.

Mike was at Tate Industries. It was late in the evening, and he still could not find her. As he could not contact Avery, he contacted Chad.

“F*ck! Did Elliot go nuts again! Did he kidnap Avery again!”

“Mr. Foster’s mother has passed away.”

Mike was stunned. “Are you joking?”

Chad replied, “Do you think I would dare joke about a matter like this?”

Mike said, “Oh, Avery went missing again! I’m going crazy! Elliot’s mom is d**d, I don’t think he has the time to trouble Avery, right?”

“I don’t know. I’m going to Mr. Foster’s place right now. Shea is throwing a tantrum. He will probably not return for the next few days. Do you want to take Shea over to your place?”

Mike was speechless.

An hour later, Chad had brought Shea to Starry River Villa.

Mike roughly recounted the things that happened that day to Layla and Hayden. Once the children processed the news, they asked, “Where’s Mommy? Where did she go!”

Chad adjusted the glasses on his nose and said to Mike, “Maybe Avery is with Mr. Foster because he is not at the hospital.”

“That bad man! Why did he take my Mommy again?! I’m getting angry!” Layla huffed.

Shea was anxious and she blushed, “My Big Brother is not a bad person!”

“He took my Mommy away! If he is not a bad person, who is the bad person?!”

Shea did not believe that her big brother was a bad person, so she turned to her personal bodyguard, “I want to call Big Brother!”

The bodyguard held onto a phone as they looked for Elliot.

“Miss Shea is throwing a tantrum. She insists on speaking to you.”

Elliot accepted the phone from the bodyguard and said hello.

Upon hearing his voice, Layla immediately pouted and yelled, “You’re a bad person! Did you take my Mommy away! Don’t bully my Mommy! If you do, I’ll make sure Hayden will publish all the photos of you showering without wearing any clothes!”

Elliot furrowed his brows at Layla’s threats.

“If you dare to do that, I’ll k**l your Mommy right now!”

He had no time to play games with these two brats! Thus, he said something vicious to put them in their place.

Behind him, on the bed, Avery slowly came around. She opened her eyes. They were unfocused, but she heard what he had just said.