When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 392

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 392

Avery should feel sad or upset, but no tears to her eyes. There was no reaction in her heart either.

There was only the splitting pain in her head. It was so excruciating that even breathing hurt. She wanted to get up, but her body was sore and aching.

She was having a fever. Her body was extremely hot, but she was cold.

When Elliot finished his call, he passed his phone back to the bodyguard. The bodyguard pointed at the bed.

Elliot looked. Avery’s eyes were open, but there were no signs of life on her face. She was awake, but she looked d**d.

He hated her in this state! He wanted her to fight him!

Elliot strode over to the bed and grabbed her chin with his long slender fingers.

Her body was so hot that he immediately let go!

“Go get the doctor!” he sternly instructed the bodyguard. The bodyguard immediately left to fetch the doctor.

After the bodyguard left, Avery looked the other way. She did not want to see him.

Elliot was furious. He grabbed her chin once again, forcing her to look at him. “Avery, did you think of what would happen to your children once you are gone? They just called me.”

Avery had thought of her children before she crashed into the wall.

If she died, Mike would raise the children. Tammy would occasionally visit them too. Wesley too…

She knew that her children would not lead miserable lives if she died. They would only lead miserable lives if they fell into his clutches. Her, d***h did not have much effect.

They would be affected, but only just a little. Her children would cry terribly, but when compared to them falling into his hands, a little disappointment meant nothing.

Avery’s expression was calm. His question did not trouble her.

Elliot realized he had underestimated her! Avery was not afraid of d***h! What else could he use to aggravate her?

The doctor soon arrived. After taking her temperature, the doctor was going to drip her.

Elliot stood by the side, looking at the doctor attach the catheter.

“Mr. Foster, dinner is ready. Are you planning to have your meal now or later?” the bodyguard asked.

Elliot strode out the door.

After inserting the catheter and checking that no one was around, the doctor said, “Miss Tate, why are you making yourself suffer? This will not end well.”

Avery shut her eyes. She and Elliot were already at that stage. She could not change her mind, nor could she plead with him. She would rather d*e than bow down to him.

The doctor sighed and left the room.

Once the door was shut, Avery tugged the needle out of the back of her hand!

Blood oozed from her pale skin!

Half an hour later, Elliot brought some food in. He looked at the tube and needle. Saline dripped from the needle.

At that instant, his turned ashen!

Avery truly wanted to d*e! If she were not having a high fever, she might have gotten out of bed, and jumped out of the window! She might have even thrown herself at the wall again!

“Avery, you want to d*e, but I won’t let you d*e!” He placed her dinner by the side of the bed Then, he took a tissue and wiped the blood off the back of her hand.

Avery closed her eyes and did not move. Elliot was stunned. He had an epiphany. Then, he yelled her name, “Avery Tate!