When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 396

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Chapter 396 Elliot thought that Avery had gone to the washroom and then to her room. When he realized that she had gone upstairs, he stopped drinking.’

A thought suddenly flashed through his mind. Would Avery have… run away?!

The villa was encircled by the forest that was a hundred kilometers in radius.

How was she going to leave the forest when she was this weak?

He clenched his fists tightly, turned around, and prepared to head downstairs.

“Mr. Foster! I’ll go check the surveillance footage right away! I’ll see when she left!” When the bodyguard realized that Avery was gone, he immediately said, “It’s dark at night, and there are no street lights too. I’m sure she did not go far!”

“A bunch of idiots! You can’t even guard a woman properly!” Elliot snarled through gritted teeth!

“I’m sorry! I’ll get people to look for her right now! I promise we’ll bring her back by dawn!” The bodyguard swore with fear on his face.

Elliot instantly sobered up! His mind was extremely clear at that moment. He even had a strong premonition!

“She must have left before midnight! I realized she was gone after I returned from the washroom before midnight! She must have left then!” After his deduction, he said, “Go and check the surveillance footage! Someone must have helped her! If not, she couldn’t have left this building on her own!”

The bodyguard said, “I thought so too, but I did not dare to say anything.”

The people in attendance were Elliot’s closest friends. Elliot had known them before he got rich. Although later they did not interact much, they remained in contact.

On the ground floor, some were still drinking.

Elliot’s gaze locked onto someone. Before Avery had vanished, she had been sitting next to him. Earlier on, he had thought nothing of it. He just thought that she had found a place to sit and left it at that. However, now that she was gone, it proved that her choice in seating partner was planned.

In other words, she might know that person.

“Nick, did you help Avery escape?” Elliot walked over to Nick and took the wine glass away from him.

Nick looked up with in indecipherable expression. He said honestly, “Yes.”

The others looked at him.

“What’s going on, Nick? Do you know Avery? Why did you help her escape? She belongs to Elliot!” said another member of their group.

“It’s simple.” Nick was drunk, and his eyes were red. “I owed her one. She got me to return the favor tonight. Elliot, I’m sorry! I don’t like owing anyone anything. I would rather owe my brothers than owe an outsider a favor.”

Elliot gripped the wine glass so tight it broke!

“You let her go, aren’t you just asking her to d*e!” He gritted his teeth and barked, “Don’t you know how dangerous it is outside!”

Nick furrowed his brows and said unquestionably, “I know, but that is not for me to consider. She asked me to help her escape this mansion. She never asked me to help her escape the forest. Elliot, since you are asking questions, shouldn’t you think about why she might want to risk her life in the forest rather than staying here?”

Elliot’s eyes were red with fury!

At that moment, the bodyguard who just finished checking the surveillance footage ran over and reported to him, “Mr. Foster, Miss Tate left from the back door! The path from the backdoor is quite steep! It’ll be hard to walk! She is in such a weak state, I’m afraid it’s bad for her!”

Once the bodyguard said that Elliot clenched his fists and stormed off in the direction of the back door!

He had reasons to believe that the reason she had chosen to escape at night was not so that she could get away, but rather so that she could escape life itself!

After Elliot and the bodyguards left, the atmosphere in the main hall still did not calm down.

“Nick, how did you owe Avery a favor? I have never heard you mention this before!” Someone sitting next to Nick asked curiously.

“Avery is just an ordinary entrepreneur…’

“She’s not ordinary,” Nick interrupted him. “A woman who could make Elliot care so much, how could she be ordinary?”

“I thought you only cared for her because of her face and body?”

“This is only one aspect of it. I’m telling you, Avery is no ordinary woman. She is also no ordinary entrepreneur, but I promised her that I will keep her secret, so I will not say anything more.” Nick took an empty glass and poured some wine before taking a sip.

“If she were to d*e tonight, then it would be a pity! Even if Elliot doesn’t k**l me, he would still cut ties with me.”