When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 398

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Chapter 398 They were soaking wet by the time they had reached the mansion. It was three in the morning.

A few of Elliot’s friends were still drinking in the main hall. They were waiting for Elliot to return. When they saw him returning with Avery in his arms, they all got up from the sofa. They should have said something to lessen the awkwardness, but no one said anything.

Elliot was only wearing a thin t-shirt. He was soaked from the rain, so the t-shirt was clinging tightly to his body. Water dripped down his hair.

His deep amber eyes were filled with despair and darkness.

The woman in his arms was covered in his jacket. Only her pale and lifeless face could be seen. Her eyes were closed, and they looked as if they would never open again.

The scene at that moment was inexplicably sad and tragic!

Elliot carried Avery upstairs and vanished from everyone’s sight.

After Rosalie’s autopsy report came out, Henry sent it to Elliot immediately.

Rosalie did not d*e of poison or other injuries. It was determined that she fell to her d***h.

Henry realized that it would be a good time to bury Rosalie the next day. After Elliot’s reply, Henry immediately informed close friends and family about the time of the funeral.

At the Starry River Villa, Chad came to visit Shea.

Shea was well taken care of. After Shea’s second surgery, she was much more intelligent than before. Although she still needed to be cared for, she was more independent than the average child.

“Mr. Foster’s mother’s funeral is tomorrow.” Chad shared the piece of news with Mike. “He will attend the funeral. Perhaps, he would bring Avery back too.”

Mike nodded. “Can you take me to the funeral?”

Chad looked at him in disbelief. “Only a few of the higher management received the invitation. I’m only a small assistant, what right do I have to bring other people? Also, why are you attending the funeral? If you dare make a fuss, don’t you think the bodyguards will k**l you on the spot?”

of course, Mike did not want to d*e, but he had been unable to reach Avery for two days. Not only was he sick of waiting, but the children were also getting more and more pessimistic.

If Avery did not return soon, he did not know what he was going to tell the children.

Hayden heard their conversation and he started thinking. He had to find a way to find his mommy! He must rescue her!

Rosalie’s funeral was a grand occasion. Security guards surrounded the area, and it was tightly guarded.

At eight in the morning, Elliot’s car arrived at the funeral place. He appeared in front of everyone dressed in all black.

Chad secretly texted Mike, [Mr. Foster came alone. He did not bring Avery along.]

Mike replied, [F*ck!]

[Don’t worry, once the funeral ends, I’ll ask him about her.]

[I’m waiting outside.]

[You’re here?!]

[Hmm, I brought Big H and Shea with me.]

Chad had a bad feeling. [Why did you bring them here? Don’t be reckless! Don’t you dare think of using Shea to threaten Mr. Foster! He hates being threatened. Also, there are many bodyguards here! Other than the ones you see, many bodyguards are stationed around places. You just can’t see them. If you cause any trouble, you might not know who shoots you in the head!]

Mike replied, [I’m so touched. You actually care so much for me.]

Chad typed, […]

[Big H wanted to come. I couldn’t talk him into doing otherwise, so you don’t meddle in this too.]

Chad was speechless. Was Hayden planning to create a scene at the funeral? Chad’s temple hurt. He wanted to report this to Elliot.