When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 399

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However, when Chad saw Mike’s messages, he held back

Forget about it! He was not going to care about it! He was going to pretend as if he knew nothing. This time, Elliot was the one that crossed the line.

How could he take Avery away and not contact her family?

If Chad were Mike, he would be furious too.

Time passed, and it was almost eleven in the morning. Hayden did not cause a scene. Chad did not even see him.

He did not know what Hayden’s plan was. Whatever his plan was, he might have already abandoned it.

After the funeral, the guests headed to the hotel for lunch.

Chad walked over to Elliot.

“Mr. Foster.”

Elliot stopped and looked at him coldly.

Chad said awkwardly, “My condolences.”

Elliot heard him and headed to the parking lot. Chad quickly chased after him and mustered the courage to ask, “Mr. Foster, is Miss Tate with you? Her children are worried about her safety-”

Elliot swallowed and said hoarsely, “She’s not d**d.”

Chad was baffled. What sort of reply was that? She was not d**d meaning she was alive but just not too well? D***g could be taken to mean not d**d too. Where was she, and what had happened to her?

Chad was in a daze, and Elliot was already in front of the black Rolls-Roice.

The bodyguard opened the door and said helplessly to Elliot. “Miss Shea insisted on waiting for you in the car.”

Shea looked up at Elliot with her bright eyes. She said stubbornly, “Big Brother, I want to be with you. I’m going wherever you’re going.”

Elliot stood by the car door, looking at his sister’s defiant face. He felt something stick to his throat.

Elliot entered the car and shut the door.

“Shea, I’m taking you home.”

Shea’s eyes reddened a little, and she shook her head.

“I still have something to do. Once I’ve settled the matter at hand, I’ll return home to spend time with you,” Elliot said to her while holding her hand.

“Big Brother, you’re a good person, but why were you so fierce to Avery?” Shea was extremely disappointed when she said this. “I heard you saying you want to k**l Avery. I’m scared…”

Elliot held her hand tightly and explained patiently, “I was just scaring the kids. Shea, you are not a child, so you won’t be tricked by this, right?”

Shea said, “Can you not bully Avery? If you bully her, Layla and Hayden won’t play with me anymore.”

Elliot’s eyes darkened. “Shea, don’t think too much about it. Just wait for me at home.”

Although shea did not receive a satisfactory answer, she still nodded obediently.

After Elliot sent Shea home, he quickly returned to the car. The black Rolls-Roice was like a flying phantom, racing off to the north.

In the mansion in the forest, Avery was lying on the huge white bed. She slowly opened her eyes.

When she had escaped the night before, she bumped into a wolf in the forest. If it were not for Nick giving her a sharp dagger when he helped her escape, she would perhaps have been devoured by the wolf.

She never would have guessed that one day she would fight off a wolf with a dagger in her hand in the forest.

She was lucky. The wolf bit her once, but she had also stabbed the wolf. It was considered a draw.

After she had stabbed the wolf, it fled. She had passed out because she had lost too much blood.

Before passing out, she was so sure she was going to d*e. She never thought that she would be still alive…

The scenes of the day before ran through her mind. She looked at the room which did not seem unfamiliar to her. A question rose in her mind. Was Elliot the one who had carried her back the night before?