When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 40

Read When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence Chapter 40

Avery’s phone rang ten minutes later.

She answered it, hung up, sent Tammy a text, then rushed toward the hotel exit.

Jun watched Avery’s back as she quickly made her way out. He smiled.

How did she find a man to make a fool out of Elliot Foster behind his back?

Could she not just stay quietly by his side?

Where was she going to find a man who was better than Elliot Foster?

Jun had no idea what she was thinking.

Tammy’s brows furrowed as she replied: [What’s the rush? Is it that urgent?]

Avery: [Extremely urgent! I’ll see you again soon!]

The one who had called Avery was Elliot’s bodyguard.

He had instructed her to wait for him at the hotel entrance.

If she did not listen, he was going to break her legs.

Avery still suffered from the past traumatic experience with the bodyguard. He was a cruel man.

Although she knew that he was acting on Elliot’s orders, it was better to be safe than sorry.

A black car stopped on the street in front of her about fifteen minutes later.

The car window rolled down, revealing the bodyguard’s ominous face.

Avery got into the backseat, closed the door, and the car sped off.

“You know, Miss Tate,” said the bodyguard. “If Mr. Foster had a pet dog for a few months, it would know who its owner and family are. Why are you biting the hand that feeds you?”

“Are you saying I’m less than a dog?” Avery said with a frown.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying,” said the bodyguard in a tone filled with loathing. “After spending all of this time freeloading off Mr. Foster, what else have you done other than p*ss him off every day?”

“You think I want to be a freeloader? If you don’t like me that much, then why don’t you convince him to divorce me?” suggested Avery.

“You’re an idiot!” roared the bodyguard. “I don’t know what’s gotten into Mr. Foster. How could he fall in love with a stupid woman like you?”

“You’re the idiot here,” Avery said. “How could you possibly think that he loves me?”

“Seriously? If he didn’t love you, you’d be long gone by now! Have a heart, won’t you?” said the bodyguard as he angrily slammed his fist onto the steering wheel.

Avery stiffened in the backseat. She wanted to hold back, but she could not help but retaliate.

“Would he have forced me to get an a******n if he loved me?”

“Did you really expect him to let you give birth to some other man’s kid?!”

“What if it wasn’t someone else’s baby?” Avery asked. “He still wouldn’t let me keep it.”

“Just don’t have a baby, then! If you were half as smart as Miss Tierney, you wouldn’t end up fighting every day!”

Avery glanced out the window and said, “That’s your opinion. I like children, and I want to have my own. What right does he have to say he loves me if he won’t allow that?”

The bodyguard was frustrated beyond words.

After a moment of silence, Avery suddenly asked, “Why do you think he loves me? Why can’t I tell?”

“He slept with you, didn’t he?” said the bodyguard through gritted teeth. “If that’s not love, then what is?”

“That’s it?” Avery said.

“He made me check on what happened with you in the outskirts last night. Doesn’t that prove that he cares about you? But how do you repay him?”

Avery was taken aback.

She did not expect that Elliot would send someone to investigate after her.

“How exactly did I repay him?” Avery said.

She did not dare feel moved.

Judging by the bodyguard’s fury, she was prepared to hear the worst from him.

“You told them that you went to Forrance Villa last night with Mr. Cole. You said that you had a great relationship with him and passed on something important to him… You’re a lying, scheming cheater!”

Avery let out a laugh and said, “He’s angry again?”

“How could you laugh at a time like this? He’ll whip you with his belt if you’re not careful!” warned the bodyguard.

“I just wanted to test out the lie detector, but it turned out to be a complete waste of money,” Avery said, then lowered her voice and added, “I didn’t say those things to make him mad. I didn’t know he would investigate any further.”

“I told you he loves you! Why won’t you believe me?” the bodyguard yelled.

His voice had turned hoarse.


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